My account was suspended for no reason

Sometimes, an account may be suspended seemingly out of the blue, with a vague description like “abuse”. If you believe your account did not violate any rule, this lack of a good description may be mistaken for being suspended for no reason.

However, this is simply not true. To state very clearly:


Any time InfinityFree suspends your hosting account, we do this for a reason. You may not be aware of the reason or agree with the reason, but that does not mean the reason does not exist.

Fortunately, InfinityFree has procedures in place you can get more information, get your account reactivated or get access to the contents of your account.

Why was my account suspended without reason?

InfinityFree may suspend accounts if we believe that they may violate our terms. Here are some common causes which some people might incorrectly perceive as being “no reason”.

You were not aware of a rule you violated

InfinityFree has rules which determine what you can and cannot do with your free hosting account. We describe these rules in our Terms of Service. Before you can create an account, you have to acknowledge you’ve read and agreed to these terms.

With most companies, a terms of service is a boring legal document which only lawyers will read. We try to make our legal documents concise and easy to understand for everyone. So if you clicked the Agree checkbox before without reading it, you may want to read it now.

If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine too. But then don’t be surprised you were not aware of a rule you violated. And don’t say we suspended your account without reason when you don’t know for what reasons we suspend accounts.

You were not aware of abusive content on your account

Sometimes, free themes and plugins found online contain malware, back doors, hacking tools and other malicious code. Generally, these malware codes are hidden, so it’s not immediately obvious you’re uploading viruses to your website. But even if you’re not aware of it, uploading malicious code can expose yourself, your website and your visitors to danger.

Fortunately, all websites on InfinityFree are automatically scanned for harmful content. These scanners go deeper than the eyes of most website owners, and are trained to automatically detect known harmful software. If such harmful software is found, it may be automatically deleted, but may also cause your account to be taken down to prevent the malware from causing harm.

Please note that most desktop virus scanners are not trained so well in detecting website viruses. After all, they are designed to detect viruses which can damage your computer, not a website you’re creating somewhere else. So an approval from your own virus scanner does not guarantee that your website code is safe.

It’s understandably frustrating if you just wanted to set up a nice blog, and immediately got your account taken down. But know that your account was only taken down to help you and your website, and to protect you against harmful software.

If this happens, simply send an account review request, and staff will tell you what to do next.

Your account was judged incorrectly

Most account suspensions happen automatically, thanks to automated abuse checks and scans. These systems can scan websites faster and in more detail than any human can, so they can take down dangerous content before hackers get a chance to harm anyone.

However, as with all automated detection systems, the abuse filters are not perfect. They don’t catch all harmful websites, but they may also detect safe websites as being potentially harmful.

If you suspect that your website was flagged incorrectly, simply submit a review request from your client area. From there, staff will review your account and reactivate it if your website turns out to be safe.

When will my account be reactivated

Accounts suspended for “abuse” are never reactivated automatically, and have to be reviewed by staff. For that purpose, you can submit a support ticket from your client area to ask for a reactivation and to give you instructions on how you can protect your website and prevent further suspensions.

To get your account reviewed, login to the client area, find your suspended account in the list, and then click the Submit Support Ticket button to be brought to a contact form where you can submit your account for review.

In order to discuss the details of your websites privately, we will only handle such requests when submitted as a support ticket through your client area.