What is the file/upload size limit

On all InfinityFree servers is a file size limit of 10 MB. It’s important to note that this is a file size limit and not an upload limit.

The difference is subtle, but important. An upload limit could be set through PHP settings, but this limit is enforced on the file system level. No PHP configuration can override this limit and it applies to files uploaded through FTP or the file manager as well.

Can the limit be increased?

No. The size limit is fixed and cannot be increased in any way. 10 MB is more than enough for regular website files (scripts, images, style sheets, etc.).

If you need to upload a larger script, plugin or theme, you can work around it. See this article on how to upload big files. If you want to upload large, downloadable files or video files, please use a specialized service for that (e.g. YouTube for video or Google Drive for downloadable files).

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I think the article may need to be updated with this information:

This in particular could be misleading:


Good catch. Updated!


Nice! I still think the information about HTML/PHP and .htaccess files should be included in this article as well, as this is the first result that comes for “file size limit”.