How to upload big files / archives

InfinityFree has a file size limit of 10 MB on all servers. You cannot upload files larger than 10 MB.

Installing large scripts

A particular software package may be larger than 10 MB in size. Because of this limit, you cannot upload the archive directly and have it extracted on the server. However, you can easily upload the contents manually.

To do so, you will first need a good FTP file manager for your desktop and setup an FTP connection. See the how to upload files with FTP article for more information about that.

Then, take the downloaded software and extract the archive file on your computer. This will create a new directory with all of the files contained in the script.

From your FTP client, find the extracted directory on your own computer. Then, select all files and folders in that directory and copy them to the right folder in your account. For full website software, you probably need to upload the files to the htdocs folder.

Your FTP client will then transfer all the files from your computer. Depending on the size of the script and the speed of your internet connection, it could take between a few minutes to a few hours to complete. However, this is the most reliable, and yet fairly easy, way to upload larger pieces of software.

Installing large themes or plugins

Some scripts with a plugin system offer a web based uploader for plugins and themes. While these uploaders make it easy to upload small themes and plugins, they may break when trying to upload larger addons.

Fortunately, most addons can be uploaded manually with FTP as well. Script typically store plugins and themes inside folders of the script. In Wordpress, plugins are stored in the wp-content/plugins/ folder and themes are stored in wp-content/themes/.

So upload big plugins is almost the same as uploading large scripts. Just extract the downloaded plugin or theme and upload the contents of the directory to the correct directory on your account.

After the upload is completed, you can login to the admin area of your script and find the plugin there. You can install and activate the plugin from there.

Note: A lot of plugins and themes you can download do not contain just the theme, but documentation and examples as well. Be sure to carefully check which folder you should upload to your account. If you don’t upload the correct folder, your script will not recognize the plugin and you will not be able to install it.

Uploading large files for download

Sometimes, you may want to offer large files on your website which people will be able to download. If those are bigger than 10 MB, you cannot upload them to your website.

To offer large downloads, you can use a specialized file sharing service, like Dropbox or Mediafire, to upload the files and share the links on your website. File sharing services generally offer far higher file size limits.

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