How to delete a hosting account

If you’ve moved your website to another hosting provider, or simply don’t need a particular website anymore, you may wish to delete a hosting account on InfinityFree.

However, due to legal reasons, InfinityFree is not allowed to delete your account right away. But you can set up your account so that it will be deleted as soon as possible.

Under no circumstances can we delete your hosting earlier on request. Please do not submit any support request through email, on our forums or in any other way, because such requests will be refused.

How to delete a currently active hosting account?

If your hosting account is currently active, you have a multiple ways to set up your account for deletion.

Deactivating your hosting account

You can deactivate your hosting account through your client area. By doing so, you lose access to your account and take down all websites on it. However, any files, databases and other settings on the account will be retained until the account is fully deleted.

Before you can deactivate your hosting account, please make sure to remove all domain names from the account. You can do this by entering the Control Panel, and navigating through the Addon Domains, Subdomains and Parked Domains sections to delete all the domains there. If you don’t remove the domains beforehand, you will be unable to use the domains on other hosting accounts on our platform.

Deactivated accounts are deleted automatically after 60 days following the moment of deactivation. If you want to use the account again or get access to it’s contents, you can reactivate the account from your client area as long as you have fewer than three active accounts.

Setting up your account for inactivity

If an account doesn’t get any visitors in 30 days, it will be suspended for inactivity. After that, you still have some time (2-3 weeks usually) to reactivate the account, after it will be fully deleted.

To help make sure your website is inactive, you can delete all domain names from the account. After all, if your account doesn’t have any domains, it will not get any visitors. You can do this by entering the Control Panel, and navigating through the Addon Domains, Subdomains and Parked Domains sections to delete all the domains there.

How to delete a currently suspended hosting account?

If your account is currently suspended for abuse, it is automatically deleted after 60 days. If you only want to have the account deleted, and don’t want to reactivate it or get access to its contents, you can simply wait and it will be deleted automatically.

If your account is temporarily suspended for hitting a limit, you will have to wait for it to be reactivated before you can deactivate the account.

Note that in either case, your domain names are locked to the suspended account and cannot be removed.

This does NOT mean we are holding your domain name hostage. Your domain name is still registered with your own domain registrar, and you are free to use the domain name with another hosting provider.

The only restriction is that you cannot use the domain again on our free hosting platform. This is intentional, as it helps to prevent abusive sites from being immediately recreated on another account where they can continue their abuse. For this reason, we cannot delete domain names from suspended accounts.

I removed my domain, but I still see your suspension page. How do I delete it?

If you deactivated your account and removed all the domains, your domain name may still redirect to This is NOT caused by an inactive account, and is NOT fixed by fully deleting the account.

The reason you’re seeing this page is because your browser is still connecting to your old hosting account to find the domain. But since the domain is no longer active, the server will respond with

If you are in the process of moving to another hosting provider, please double check you’ve updated your DNS/nameserver settings to point to your new hosting provider. If you already did that, please note that it can take up to 72 hours for such changes to be visible everywhere. As much as we wish it were different, there is absolutely nothing we can do to speed this up.

If you want, you can reactivate the account which previously hosted the domain, and add the domain to it again. That way, you can upload a page to be shown on your domain (e.g. a maintenance page) while all the traffic is moving to your new hosting provider.