How to leave this community?

Was looking around to remove ourselves from this community. Doesn’t appear to be any way to do that. It appears that by joining Infinity free this automatically sets up a community profile? All that can actually be done is the icon picture can be changed? Is that correct? Thank you

Please read


Is that you way of trying to tell me I’m correct? How about you just simply answer directly my direct question…like with a yes or no?? Looks like you are telling me that I am right…unless I am ready it wrrong

Think carefully before you post…and read


This is a Response to the question about leaving…
Can’t wait nearly an hour to reply.

Here is the reply

Ok… whatever that means…
Sure we’ll think so clearly that there
will be no more post from American$,
within this community…Your Welcome!
Thanks for whatever help you provided
Problem Solved
Thanks Again, Bye!"

No need to reply!


You have been with us for 20 days and I thought that during that time you were sufficiently familiar with the rules of the forum, especially when they were presented to you several times as a link.

I don’t know if you are having a good time trolling the forum and constantly presenting yourself as a victim
or do you really have problems with the authority or understanding of the linked articles?

The situation is the same as if you drive a car, commit a violation and the police issue/charge you a fine

You are not going to put banners on the roads saying that you will never drive on the roads again, what kind of road/community is this?
You can’t even break the rules, they give you a flag right away??!!
How do I burn my car because I don’t want to drive anymore ??!

I don’t see what’s so bad about getting a flag? it only serves to guide you !
We all make mistakes in life sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes for other reasons

Please, as I already stated at the beginning that you have been informed of the forum rules several times, do not break them again, because we will have to suspend your forum acc for a simple reason:
You are wasting a lot of staff time that could be focused on much more productive things.

Thanks in advance for your understanding