How to remove ifast net from my web, ( ads )

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how to remove ifast net from my web, ( ads )

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I want to delete the account, because the account, I accidentally deleted the .htaccess, and I have deleted the domain from the account first, then I deleted the account, but after a few minutes how come it became my unsafe website. I have tried to change DNS to Ezyro, still, is there a solution?

Hi. Check these FAQs:

try to visit it, later there will be an unsafe message and there are ifast net ads, it’s a NEW domain I bought, but if I open the link IN THE PRIVATE WINDOW there are no ads there is no unsafe message

url :

This is the error I am seeing on your site


Make sure your nameservers are set up to point to InfinityFree, wait for DNS propagation, make sure you dont have other redirects (e.g. Javascript or meta refresh tags). Also make sure your .htaccess file is not doing redirecting to somewhere else (e.g. forcing https). The problem is that the code is doing too many redirects.

Well then what you are seeing is normal. If your domain is pointing to InfinityFree and not assigned to an account the system does not know what files to serve, so it gets redirected to the suspended page.


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