Website IPs and are down

IMPORTANT: Please read the Outage Communication Rules before posting!

Since some time earlier today (June 3), the website IPs and have been down.

If your website is on one of these IPs, you may see errors like this:

  • The connection has timed out
  • Error 522: Connection timed out

You can view the website IP address of your hosting account in the client area.

This issue is caused by a storage issue on the server. The storage is currently being automatically checked and repaired, but this is expected to take some time to be finished.

Our best guess is that it will be fixed by tomorrow morning (UTC), but it depends on the completion of the automated checks.

Update June 4: The checks are still in progress. We don’t know when they will be completed.

Additionally, the following IP addresses also went down later that day:


When connecting to any of these IPs, you will see an error like:

  • Unable to connect

It’s unclear at this time what caused this or when it will be fixed.

Update June 4: The Connection Refused issue was fixed shortly ago and all websites on the IPs in the second list should be up again.

The IPs in the first list are still undergoing maintenance. It’s progressing but we don’t know yet how long it will take.

Update June 5: The maintenance on the IPs and is still in progress. The automated maintenance is making progress, but it’s impossible to say when it will be done.

Update June 9: I checked with iFastNet earlier today and it seems that the maintenance process has gotten stuck. iFastNet is looking for solutions on how to bring the IPs back up in another way. It’s possible that some data loss may occur because of this, but it’s hard to say anything definitively at this time.

Update June 18: It appears that the maintenance definitively failed. Due to multiple disk failures, most website files were corrupted and were lost. New hardware is on it’s way to bring the server back online, but most of your website files will probably be lost.

If you don’t want to wait for that, you can move your domain name to a different account. @Greenreader9 has written a great post on how to do that: Website IPs and are down - #190 by Greenreader9

Update June 27: The new disks have been installed and the IP addresses, FTP access and so on are all back online!

Unfortunately, as stated before, most website files were lost because of the hardware failure. But all the databases are still in-tact, so you may be able to recover some of your website that way.

The issue is considered resolved for now. We terribly regret the loss of data that has occurred, but there isn’t anything we can do to bring back your files now.


I was wondering what happened, cause one website I hosted was ok but the other was down. Thank you for clarifying! :wink:


Guys is your website SUSPENDED for making new account of website this is my IP address pls check that is it everything ok in this webserver pls…

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could this result in data loss?

Hi admin,

My website ip (, which is not in this list also down. Is it having the same issue? also is down mine not working it display error 521

Shortly after I posted this, additional website IPs went down with another error. I’m not sure if they are related,

As I have said in all other outage topics:

If you say your website has a problem and you would like me to look into it: ALWAYS INCLUDE A THE URL OF YOUR WEBSITE. Any message that does not include a website URL will not be considered.

I’m happy to look into any website. I’m not so happy to have to lookup your profile and check all your websites on all your accounts.

What makes you think that it’s not OK?

Please remember that most website IPs are OK most of the time. We don’t need to check every website IP every time by hand to make sure that it’s OK.

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@Admin how can i change my website IP?
for example, from to other

You can’t change your website IP. It’s assigned automatically based on the capacity of the various IP addresses to ensure an equal load across the servers and a consistent experience for everyone.

We don’t casually move websites around, because it involves migrating the website to a different server (which is quite heavy on the servers) and changing your DNS (which will cause downtime due to DNS caching).

So having everyone move their websites to different IPs during an outage can put a lot of stress on a server that’s already having trouble. We’d rather use the server power to bring it back online quickly. And we don’t want people to mess up the balance we try to ensure across the cluster.

And finally, some people believe that all sort of issues are linked to the IP address and that moving to a different one will solve it. This rarely solves anything. Having people stress the servers and bring down their own website because they don’t understand an issue is not something we can support.

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My website
is also down.

Its IP is

do you know when will this be fixed?

when will the issue be fixed? kindly tell

Hey Admin
My website is also down
URL :-
Please revert back to me with a solution ASAP

The Connection Refused IP addresses are back up now. The Connection Timed Out IP addresses are still offline, the reparations are still in progress.

Please read the original message:

It isn’t down for me. If you’re still having trouble accessing it, please describe it in a new topic in the Hosting Support category.

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Thank you Admin
Yes i am still facing the connection timeout issue on my webpage
hope it resolves soon
have a great day!

I just want to know only that my website is in working condition or not and when it will as because now it is 48 HR to go nothing resolve pls explain

If your website is not working and you don’t understand why, please create a new topic in the hosting support category. Please clearly state your website URL and describe what exactly you see on the site. Discussing assorted issues on specific websites is not suitable for an outage announcement.

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Not sure when the most recent update that everything was back up was posted. My website on the IP Address ( is still getting a “This site cannot be reached. took too long to respond.” message. I’m also unable to access my file manager or phpmyadmin to manage databases.

Any idea when these will be back up…it’s already into June 4th so confirming when the expected finish time is.

Wish it were so, but its not @Admin

My website has the same behavior as yesterday. I’ll recap below.

My website ( is down, DNS resolves to the same

In Chrome:


Using: Online Port Scanner -

Checked port 80 on Host/IP…
The checked port (80, service http) is offline/unreachable

FTP is also not working:

STATUS:> Connecting to
STATUS:> Connecting to (ip =
STATUS:> Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message…
220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------
220-You are user number 346 of 6900 allowed.
220-Local time is now 16:26. Server port: 21.
220-This is a private system - No anonymous login
220 You will be disconnected after 60 seconds of inactivity.
STATUS:> Connected. Authenticating…
COMMAND:> USER epiz_28642365
331 User epiz_28642365 OK. Password required
COMMAND:> PASS ********
421 Home directory not available - aborting
ERROR:> Password not accepted
ERROR:> Can’t login. Still trying…
STATUS:> Waiting to try again…
ERROR:> Can’t login. Disconnecting…