Website IPs and are down

My site ( / IP: is still down and still cannot connect to FTP. Is there any sort of time frame as to when this will fixed?

I don’t think I said this. I know that the two IPs in the first list are still down.

Wish it would be more clear that this update only referred to the IPs in the second list, not the first one.

It will be fixed when the system check has completed. We don’t know how long that will take.

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I am in mainland China and this IP has the same problem, but it can be accessed normally with VPN. It is probably caused by the CCP firewall.

Which means that it’s NOT the same problem. Because this problem is that some IPs on our end are down, not that some people’s connections are firewalled.

1 Like also shows error 500 for last few hours

Also down for 3 days… :frowning:

I’m repeating the statement from the other outage topic here:

This outage is about websites on the IP address and that are getting some kind of Connection Timed Out error.

If your account is not on the listed IP addresses, or you see a different error, then the issue you’re experiencing is not caused by this outage. If this applies to you, please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue.

Any off topic messages posted below will be deleted without warning.

If you do want to post here, please observe the following:

  • Please don’t @ me. I read all messages, and I have @ notifications turned off.
  • Please include your website URL in your posts. I only need a website URL, everything else like usernames or IP addresses can be derived from that.

That’s not an affected IP address and that error code is not an outage code. Most likely, it’s just your website that’s broken. See this KB article for more information Http error 500 - Docs - InfinityFree Forum

That’s not your website IP, that’s the IP address of the FTP server. Your website IP can be found in the client area in the account details. It’s specifically listed there as “Website IP”.

Your actual website IP is So of course you’re going to be affected by this outage too.


Could you please tell how long it would take?

I wish I could tell that. But nobody knows. The automated system checks are still in progress, but it’s impossible to say how long that will take.

Seeing how there are still off topic messages being posted, I repeat my previous statement:

If you posted here and your messages were deleted, that means you do not have the same error message and are not in the listed IP addresses, which means you are not affected by this outage, and should follow the normal support procedure.

And to be very clear: we don’t know when this will be solved. It will be resolved ASAP. We don’t have details, estimates or ETAs. Please do not ask for them.

I would like to see this statement to be added in the first post, so new readers will immediately notice it, instead of having to scroll down.

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I just posted something better: a proper rules article explaining how to discuss an outage. It’s added as a global banner and to every current outage.


Okay, thank you for your attention.

Day 3 of the outage for anyone hosted on x.x.x.116.

Mind you, I’ve been a member for a month only, and this is the the second or third maybe multi-day multi-user site wide outage. /sigh

Is paid any better? I couldn’t imagine taking the risk, myself. But, but anyone who has, can they comment? Scratch that. This is probably a biased way of sampling since you’d only comment if you’re here, and you’d only be here if your website is down.

You had the poor luck of being provisioned on new severs which are having some startup issues.

Please do remember that there are only two IPs that are affected. So only a few percent of all accounts are affected by this, the vast majority of people may have been completely unaware.

And iFastNet is generally more careful with premium hosting than with free hosting. They tend to try the more risky stuff here first to save their paying customers the trouble.


My website also has a problem, how can xiufu

Now that I want to make website files, I can’t do it, and file management is not available.


The maintenance on the IPs and is still in progress. The automated maintenance is making progress, but it’s impossible to say when it will be done.

Your subdomain is on problematic IP

You are probably denied access to storage because
the storage is currently being automatically checked and repaired,
and because of this, no one is allowed to read/write on the drive during that process…
and is expected to take some time to be finished.

Please do not open new topics unnecessarily !


Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense to wipe the data rather than repair. Last time an outage like this happened, my index.php file was 0KB (file system entry existed, but data was missing). I fully expect my files to be gone/corrupted when things come back–just wish it wasn’t a multi-day outage.


Yea, but then you all these people that never take backups, etc. Not a bad idea though.