Website IPs and are down

Any update on this, Admin?

My concern is:

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Hello admin
I know you said it is impossible to know when will the issue resolve, but can u give a rough idea whether it’ll take a week or less than that.
So i can plan things accordingly. Its already been 4 days and im stuck doing nothingg.
My IP address is

Hi Admins,

I have noticed that my IP is one of them that is down and was posted in the main part of this forum, I know you all are working hard but I would like to ask if I have you might know when the issue is fixed.

Thank you

Welcome, to the form @Snoopylowkey!

There is only one admin :slight_smile: the rest of us are just user that want to help out.

Unformatetly, there is no ETA for this issue to be solved. Hopefully it will be soon though! (Also, iFastNet is in charge of the servers, not InfinityFree.)
Thanks for asking, your IP will be checked later by the Admin.

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To make a few things clear:

Nobody has forgotten about this issue. The maintenance is still in progress. It’s a fully automated process, so basically everyone is just waiting for the process to complete because there is nothing else anyone can do. Nobody know when it will be done either. Please just have patience.

The outage communication rules are still in affect. Please restrict posts to useful contributions which are relevant to the outage. Asking for obvious things like “what’s going on” or “when will this be fixed” will be removed. If you want to know that, everything there is to know has been shared already, so just read up on the discussion.

Also, any issues which are not the errors described in the first post (such as account suspensions, database errors and so on) and on accounts which are not on the listed IP addresses are not related to this outage and will be removed. If that’s you, we’re still happy to help you, just please create a separate topic in Hosting Support for that.

The status is: maintenance is still in progress and it’s unclear how long this will take. Until there are clear signs that there is news, like an update from me or - more likely - the sites coming back online, you can assume that this is still the status.

I will not post this same statement repeatedly.

We’re doing our best to recover as much data as possible. It’s possible some minor data loss will occur, but right now the server is down primarily to check file integrity.

That said, if you’re OK with losing all your data, you can probably just remove your domain from this account, deactivate the account and create a new one. You’ll lose all your files (at least until the server is back up), but at least you can start using the domain name.


I removed subdomain from cPanel, deactivated account in InfinityFree, made new one, it all went fine, but after uploading files, website still doesn’t work. Checked DNS cache by direct query to Google using:


The old IP came up… It looks like new account isn’t provisioned a server yet as the IP field in InfinityFree portal is blank – will give it 72 hours and see what happens. Thanks for this idea, and the permission to try it.

Update: IP field filled in as on new account, DNS using not updated, will give it more time. I think this worked for me just fine, but will wait for DNS to propagate.


If it does start working after ~80 hours, your new account may have been put on a broken IP. You might have to delete it and try again. Make sure you remove the domain first!

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It’s working fine. I had an issue locally w/ my PiHole DNS server caching the IP address, but after fixing that it seems to have worked perfectly. Thank you for the follow up.

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Awesome! Glad you got it going!

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my IP and my site

Hi, i’m a new IFree user, may make some blunders or leave out relevant info, please be patient . . .

My new website is down since Jun 4, IP apparently, an IP not listed in the down lists afaict. I cannot log in via ftp to update, and the only pages i can view are those in my browser cache, otherwise i get the error msg “The connection has timed out . . . The server at is taking too long to respond.”

And when i try to go to control panel i get the error msg “maintenance is underway on your server you will see your site offline until the work has completed, please do not make a support ticket about this. Apologies for the inconvenience”

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Sarlo

Unfortunately, we are in the middle of a server outage. You will just have to wait for iFastNet to fix it.




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Okay, thanks.

I gather from OxyDac’s msg – which i could not read here, as it is text in the form of an image, and could only read, ie open the image, in my email – that my IP is not but dually located in and, the two well-known failed IP’s in the main discussion. Apparently this is only relating to my account info.

I am, compared to most of you probably, a relative newbie, though i have had sites up on my various ISP’s webhosting services for over twenty years. My current ISP has just dropped this service so i found myself here, fairly ignorant of a lot of tech stuff relating to the net.

Thanks for your patience,

Sorry for the delay in the reply. is down too, but it’s down due to a DDoS attack, not because the same issue that’s described in the initial topic here. It will be brought back up when the attack is over, which should be a lot sooner than these IPs.

As for these IPs itself:

I checked with iFastNet earlier today and it seems that the maintenance process has gotten stuck. iFastNet is looking for solutions on how to bring the IPs back up in another way. It’s possible that some data loss may occur because of this, but it’s hard to say anything definitively at this time.


@Admin Now, I make a question: If I delete the account where my domain is hosted, will I be able to use that same domain in a new account?
I urgently need to work on my page. And the problem is that I have used my own domain. And I can’t lose it.
Please, I urgently need your help
my IP