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To Move Your Domain To A Different Account

  1. Download and export your database (If you don’t already have it in a backup) by entering the control pannel, selecting PHPMyAdmin, the database, and “export” at the top. If you have multiple databases, you may have to do this multiple times.

  2. Remove the domain. Go to the “Addon Domains” section of the control panel and remove the domain. Don’t forget this step!

  3. Create a new account (ONLY if you have less than three accounts. Note that the TOS prohibits the use of more than one main account per person (so one main account, and three hosting accounts per person) If you have three accounts, double check you removed the domain from the old account (step 2) and than do step 4 before you do step 3). During account creation, enter in the same domain name, if it says not available, ensure you did step 2 correctly, and wait a few minutes (like 10) before you try again. Finish creating the account.

  4. Remove the old account. Enter the client area for the old account, select “edit account” and delete it. Note that it may take a few minutes before it enters “Deactivated” state. Once it does, it will no longer count as one of your three accounts.

The rest of the steps can be done in any order, they are also optional.

  • Re-Upload your database. Enter the control panel for the new account (Note that it may not work yet, as the account may still be processing) and go to PHPMyAdmin. Select “Import” and choose the exported file you made in step 1. If you had multiple databases, you may have to do this multiple times.

  • Re-Upload your files. Using your backup, upload the files onto the server using FTP. Note that you must log in to the control panel before you can view FTP credentials in the client area. Also not that FTP might not begin working immediately, as your account may still be in the “Pending Creation” state.

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