Website IPs and are down

I have just received an update from iFastNet. Unfortunately, it’s not good news.

It turns out that multiple disks in the server failed at the same time. Because of this, most of the data on the server was corrupted (only 1% of the data could be recovered).

iFastNet is currently waiting for replacement hardware to come in. We don’t know yet when it arrives and can be put to use. But if you do nothing, your domain name will eventually come up again, although probably not with the original files.

If you don’t want to wait for it, you are highly encouraged to move your domains to new and/or different hosting accounts.

Note that the databases are not affected and you can export them and migrated them to another account if you want.


oh dear… that is not good news…

How can i move my domain to another account?

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To Move Your Domain To A Different Account

  1. Download and export your database (If you don’t already have it in a backup) by entering the control pannel, selecting PHPMyAdmin, the database, and “export” at the top. If you have multiple databases, you may have to do this multiple times.

  2. Remove the domain. Go to the “Addon Domains” section of the control panel and remove the domain. Don’t forget this step!

  3. Create a new account (ONLY if you have less than three accounts. Note that the TOS prohibits the use of more than one main account per person (so one main account, and three hosting accounts per person) If you have three accounts, double check you removed the domain from the old account (step 2) and than do step 4 before you do step 3). During account creation, enter in the same domain name, if it says not available, ensure you did step 2 correctly, and wait a few minutes (like 10) before you try again. Finish creating the account.

  4. Remove the old account. Enter the client area for the old account, select “edit account” and delete it. Note that it may take a few minutes before it enters “Deactivated” state. Once it does, it will no longer count as one of your three accounts.

The rest of the steps can be done in any order, they are also optional.

  • Re-Upload your database. Enter the control panel for the new account (Note that it may not work yet, as the account may still be processing) and go to PHPMyAdmin. Select “Import” and choose the exported file you made in step 1. If you had multiple databases, you may have to do this multiple times.

  • Re-Upload your files. Using your backup, upload the files onto the server using FTP. Note that you must log in to the control panel before you can view FTP credentials in the client area. Also not that FTP might not begin working immediately, as your account may still be in the “Pending Creation” state.

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Questions? Reply below, and someone will happy to help! Before you reply, wait 20 minutes then close your browser and re-open it and see if the problem corrects itself. Thanks!


Hi Greenreader9.
How long does it take for the account to be permanently deleted?.

  • Example :> if I have 2 accounts out of 3, how long does it take for the account to be deleted (To be 1/3).*


It takes less than 10mins for an account to enter the “Deactivated” state. After it enters that state, it will still show on the accounts screen (So you can bring it back if you have less than 3 accounts) for 60 days, but during that time it will not count against your 3-account limit. Hope that helped!

Basically, when you “delete” an account, it will be removed from your three account limit within 10 mins. It will still be visible, but you cannot access it, and it is not impacting you in any way.


Thanks for the fast reply. This helped me indeed.

Yes, this is what happened to me, the account was closed in a matter of almost 10 minutes, but it is still showing me that I have 2/3 accounts even though it is showing closed.

Thanks again.

If it says “Deactivated” as its status, it should not count ageist you. If it says “Processing” or something similar, it may be just going a little slow. Send a screenshot if you want me to double-check :slight_smile:

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*I followed the steps of deleting the domain, It worked tho.

As you can see I deleted these two accounts, and showed me that it is closed (I received an e-mail confirming of closing the accounts), but the blue heading showing me 3/3 accounts.

That doesn’t look like InfinityFree… are you using this hosting service? Can you please share the URL of that screen?

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I’m using

Then you are not supposed to post here. This form is for InfinityFree customers only, as our system works differently than everyone else’s. You need to contact your actual host about their policy about this, because it is probably different. Generally, you should only ask questions on the form of the company you are actually using, as the people on the form most likely only know how one system works, and could be giving you incorrect information about other companies.


All resources are directing me to this page here, mentioning that this page topic is “websites IPs and are down” which is my website’s IP address.

But this is not your host, and I’m assuming “all recourses” is Google, which does not know that we cannot help you since your actual host is different.

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Anyways, The problem is fixed and the website is now working as it was before the IPs problem.


the topic is nor pinned , is everything is ok?? because my site is not working

The topics only stay pinned for a few weeks, it must have came down automatically. No, as you can tell from Admins post, this might take a while to be resolved.


I pinned the topic again, for a longer time this time.

Getting the servers back up will take a while. It may take weeks for the servers to come back online and you may find all your files are gone when that happens.

It’s not the news anyone wants to hear, but anything else would be a lie.


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Please read the topics name. This topic is only for IP and If your issues is different, please create a new topic, or reply to a similar one elsewhere.