Website IPs and are down

use an adblock to hide it

How come adblock will remove/Hide the Domain names ?

Can you show a screenshot? I’m not sure I understand.

@Deveroonie, I’m not sure how an Adblocker would have anything to do with accounts and domain names.

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As of Now 2 Website are hosted under this Account ,
Now as per Admin and Your suggestion I can add again the same website under this Account (In case I am not worried about File back up)
That I am OK with (to loose the File ) as i mentioned earlier i came just 3 weeks back here for hosting

Now my Question was:

1- If IO again 2 website (which is same existing one), o i need to delete this old one ? so that same website conflict will not occur ?
2- and the solution of again adding will solve the issue of my website is not opening ?

as asked by you i am attaching snap also of my account
PS: if I will open my websites and No one is opening


It has been three days now, how is the data recovery process going forward?

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Any reply on My Query please ?

@APS_CA I think we got off-track a little bit.

You have two websites that are not working, and both share an IP address that is currently down. You have two options:

  1. Wait. Do nothing, and just wait for the outage to pass. We don’t know how long this will take

  2. Go into the control panel and remove the domain from your account, and create a new IF account and add it there. After you get the first domain working on the new account, delete it’s old account and resort for the other domain. Do not delete the old account until you can confirm the new one is working!!! Note that you will have to re-upload all of your files, so this option only works if you have a backup (which you should)



Thanks So much
Most probably I will go for Option 2 and I do not have much to loose
Also for 2 weeks I am waiting , not sure how long i have to wait in option 1

Thanks again for all your help and Support :slight_smile:

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FTP is down for all. Please be patent.


to hide the maintanance msg -_-

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Hi admin

1- Any updates from iFastNet?

2- I made new account but when I upload the backup files to the new account it directs me to the old IP address (old account). can you help me of what to delete of the backup files?

For #2, are you using WP?

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This is my domain :>

  1. Is your domain linked to your new account, and removed from the old one?

  2. Have you waited 72 hours for DNS changes to take effect?

  3. Are you using WordPress on your site?

Please respond with the answers so I have a better understanding of what is going on.

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  1. No, No
  2. No
  3. Yes

Please I want detailed steps, I’m new to this and it feels messy to me.
NOTE: I have a backup for Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads.
Thanks in advance.

So you haven’t linked your domain to your new account, or removed it from the old one? That is the first step than!


Great, I know how to delete it, but what do you mean by linking the domain to the new account (in other words, how to do so)

Just add the domain in the “Addon Domains” section in the control panel.

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No, not yet. Just asked them again.

Not really. If you already added the domain name to a different hosting account, you’re most likely experiencing DNS caching.

As for how to do it:

  1. Login to the control panel of the old account, go to the Addon Domains section and remove the domain from there.
  2. Login to the control panel of the new account, go to the Addon Domains section and add the domain there.

Two caveats:

  • The control panel on the old account may be hard to access due to the maintenance notice. It’s easier to access on a larger screen (e.g. a desktop or laptop, not a phone), but zooming out may help. All control panel features are still available though.
  • After adding the domain to the new account, it may still take up to 72 hours for the domain to come back up again due to DNS caching. See article above for details.

Thank you admin.

I will try to do exactly what you said, I hope I can be able to have the same website design and content if I uploaded the backup files to the new account.