Website IPs and are down

The last update I got from iFastNet is that they are currently restoring the data and it is expected to take another 2 days.

Because there is TON of data to be restored, all from a crashed storage system.

I wouldn’t say that. From what I get from their reports, it’s just another case of how simple things become hard at scale.

You have to remember that the free hosting platform runs on clusters of storage systems interconnected to and from various parts, all hosting ridiculous numbers of sites. Add to that the new hardware and updated operating systems all probably working slightly differently that what they have experience with

I’m getting drip-fed details and I’m not sure what I can share of those, but I can tell that their approach seems sensible to me. Most of what they are doing is firing off a series of commands that should fix this and waiting for days to see results due to the scale.

Poor preparation and testing probably has something to do with it, but most of this is just bad luck in spite of good effort.


Instead i am trying to add a new domain to the another new account. I just want to wait and see instead of delete.

But when i try to add ssl tls , still getting “destination Not Ready” inspite of adding CNAME in cpanel. its more than 20 hrs. Is this related to the broader issue of server down being discussed above?

BTW why this topic gets unpinned?

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The topic was unpinned because the pin expired. Normally, we set pins to expire after 1-2 weeks because most issues are solved by then.

This is a very unfortunate exception.

Rest assured that the data recovery is still in progress, but it’s nevertheless a slow operation.


My website:
I am very angry that my website was directly damaged because it was frozen! So I created a new website, then the problem appeared:

I already use the domain name in another infinityfree account, can I transfer the domain to the new account?

You can use your domain name in another InfinityFree account as long as you detach/remove it from the previous account first.


But it still connects to my old account

Can’t you remove it from your old account?

maintenance is underway on your server

you will see your site offline

until the work has completed,

please do not make a

support ticket about this.

This message pops up, I don’t know how to delete it

Open you VPanel, click in “Addon Domains” and you should see a list of your domains.
Click “Delete” on the right of the domain you want to remove.


All the control panel features are still available (although the sticky maintenance message makes it hard to access them). If you access the site with a wide viewport (viewing it on a 1080p screen right now), the panel should be accessible enough to delete the domain.


Dear @Admin
I have 2 website with same user ID

Sticky note is different issue but website also is not opening , Can you help or nothing can be Done ?
IP address is showing
TTL: 5 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds

The only thing you can do right now is to remove the domain from your account and host it on a different one. But you won’t be able to access your existing website files.

If you really need your current files, all you can do is wait.


Thanks for Reply @Admin
"The only thing you can do right now is to remove the domain from your account and host it on a different one. " Mean Getting out form Infinity free Host and move to some other Host providers ?
Or i am understanding it Incorrect.


If you want your account active and working now, you can try using a different IF account. Unfortunately, we cannot access your files now, so if you want those you will have to wait.


how to do that , I am OK this this option and i do not have any thing to restore , I just moved to Infinityfree hosting 3 weeks back and this happened :tired_face:
please let me know the steps

On the main accounts screen, just create a new account if you have less than 3. So sorry you had to join during this time, it’s not normally like this :slight_smile:


Thanks ,
And the Old two Domain (which i created and showing Active status) I need to delete/Remove it ?

PS: I have 2 Website which is via same account and both are having this issue .