Website IPs and are down

Okay… I though this was a known issue. Read the announcement pinned by the admin and though it probably wont be a good time to create a new topic and overload em

@Admin if possible can you clarify which all IP Address got their data lost?

  1. Please don’t ping the admin, he has pings turned off

  2. Again, this is unrelated to those two IP’s. It is more annoying when topics don’t follow what they are supposed to than when there are a lot of them. Also, there are multiple other topics currently open with people with the same issue. You should post there instead.


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This topic is about one specific issue affecting the two IP addresses listed in the title. As such, the data loss is expected to be limited to those two IPs.

As to what’s happening with, I don’t know yet. But as you all see, it’s returning 404 errors, not connection timed out errors, so the issue is clearly not the same.

And please don’t hijack an existing outage topic with unrelated issues.



Yes there is an issue and its flagged by the admin. Its related to the Storage volume used.

Also this topic is for and only… Threads for that were made separately. Hope it helps



This topic is only for the IP’s and, if your IP is different, or you have a different problem, DO NOT POST HERE! If you are experiencing FTP, 404, 403 errors and your site is on hosting volume #2, please check out the other pinned topic (Conveniently linked below)

If you decide not to listen to this and post anyway, we will hide your reply, and it will get removed. You also may or may not get a helpful response. If you are on one of the two above IP’s, feel free to post and we will happily answer all your questions.


ip address … my topic is closed . it means there is no solution of my problem?? pls let me know if i have anyother option thn creating a new website from strt ;(

hey i m a bit confused rightnow… m moving my domain to a new account but as you know i recently chnge my nmserver to cloudfair. so before deleting my domain shouldi have to chnge the server back to as i want to reupload the exported files again in new account .

Yes. In order to move the domain to the new account, you will need to change the nameservers back to and Immediately after the account is created, you can change the nameservers back to Cloudflare.
Let me know if you need any help.


done with exporting database but whn m entering in my file manager theres only 1 file

If that is the old account, remember that all the files got deleted. If that is the new account, you need to enter the /htdocs folder and upload your files.

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no . its my old account n i cant see any file here like before . i didnt delete them but they are gone

i dont know where are my all files i didnt even delete them . i can see them here 3 days back and now theres nothing left except this empty file

Going to guess this is why…


tht means i lost everything, right?;(

i lost my website???

Most likely. That is why you should always have a backup. If the files are truly deleted, there is no way to recover them as the free platform does not take backups, that is the users responsibility. You mentioned that you have your database, you may be able to re-create the site from that.

okeys i will try n let u know , thanks for the help .;


why did this even happen? All the files are now gone, I have a backup hopefully but most people lost their hard work…

Last night, iFastNet finished installing the new hardware and brought the server back online. So website and FTP access is working again!

That said, as stated before, the storage of the server was corrupted before and almost all, if not all data on the server was lost. This means all files and directories are completely gone.

Moving your site to another hosting account isn’t necessary anymore as the old IP addresses and FTP accounts are back up.

Like I said: hardware failure. Redundant storage is great until multiple disks start failing at the same time.

I just took a look at your accounts @user2525 and I see that you have had THE worst possible luck you could have. One of your accounts is one of these IPs and the other one is on vol1_2.

So you may have lost your files twice.