Status of past and ongoing issues (except other pinned ones)

In addition to the “big” outages the other pinned topics cover, there seem to be or have been some other (potential) issues in the last week or so.

In this topic, I want to cover a few other ongoing issues.

502 Bad Gateway errors

During a few days last week, many sites saw 502 Bad Gateway errors on their website.

This was caused by a PHP upgrade on free hosting which caused some crashes. This has been identified and fixed by iFastNet.

SSL certificates not being activated

Starting late last week, there have been many posts about websites to which an SSL certificate was uploaded, but which were not activated on the website.

The problem appears to concentrate on website IP

I’ve provided the information I was able to collect here from the various related topics to iFastNet for investigation.

Database connection timed out errors

There seem to be some reports of database connections returning “Connection timed out” error messages. This could be or have been an issue. I’m still investigating.


Yes, I confirm. II tried to get and set up a free infinity free SSL, but it didn’t work and with a the problem is the same. The problem is not the SSL generation, but it is the SSL setting up from control panel !!!

I am also having the problem of installing the SSL certificate on the site.

My IP:


iFastNet said the SSL issue has been fixed now and a few sites I checked seemed to be working again.

If you installed the SSL certificate and you still get an error like ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when trying to visit your website with HTTPS, please share your website in reply to this post so I can investigate.

If you have other SSL issues, please create separate topics about them because the issue may be unrelated.



We can also add FTP and Softaculous issues into the mix (Some people are having account creation problems as well)! If you are having trouble with those, please report the exact error message as well as a domain.

Edit: these thing may be resolved. Please see Admin’s post below. Thanks

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Hi, here all the problems:

FTP, Softcalcolus, SSL Connecting

The SSL problem has been resolved, and I only know of FTP and Softaculous problems for the sites on the two IPs that have been down for weeks now: Website IPs and are down

If there are still sites for which SSL doesn’t work, or other FTP or Softaculous issues on sites not on these IPs, please describe the issue and provide an example site URL or username or something that can be checked.

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Try checking this out:

When you copy the records, make sure that there are no spaces before, or after the text as that can mess it up.

Also, if you use Cloudflare, remember to add the record in Cloudflare DNS, and not in the control panel.

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked, and there are no spaces.

I use Cloudflare, and I put the records under the DNS tab. I assume it’s the right spot, since both “Current Destination” sections say Ready.

Ah yes, you’re correct, I didn’t need to post the above, did I?

How long have you waited so far? It takes about 5-40 minutes to generate the certificate. If you have already waited some time, you will have to wait for Admin, as I don’t know what else to tell you.

No. I wrote last week that it was fixed. Please read the discussion before replying next time.

All these issues are fixed, so I’m closing this topic. If you need help regarding an SSL issue, please create a topic in Hosting Support and describe the issue there.

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