Missing / Deleted Files, Error 403/404, FTP 421 Home directory not available

Which components are affected by this issue

You will be affected by this issue if your hosting account (website) is on one of these IP addresses:


What issues may you see

  • FTP → 421 Home directory not available

  • 404 this one (when visiting your website)

  • Error 403 (text form only - no imgs) → when visiting your website.

  • Your website will show some kind of The connection has timed out / Connection Refused / Unable to connect / ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT / REFUSED error.

You can find the IP address of your hosting account in the client area (after choosing hosting acc)

under Account Details → Website IP.

COUSE (updated)

We are aware of the issue and are doing our best to get this resolved as soon as possible.

I completely understand that this may cause confusion and you will have additional questions. I am happy to provide any information I have to help you.

However, to keep the contents of this topic clean, clear and concise, I ask that you carefully read the Outage Communication Rules before posting.

In a nutshell:

  • Please keep the posts about the outage in this topic, and all posts not about this outage outside of this topic.
  • Please post relevant questions only that have not been answered yet. It may be compelling to ask obvious questions like “when will this be fixed”, but basic information like that will be put in this message as soon as we know it.
  • Please carefully check the known symptoms and affected components.
    • If you are on the affected components, you are almost certainly affected by the outage. If so, please refrain from simply stating you are affected, it does not help get your service back up faster.
    • If you are not on the affected components but do experience all of the symptoms, please say so below so we can check if our list is incomplete.
    • If you do not experience all listed issues and are not on the components that are known to be affected, the issue you are experiencing is most likely not related to this outage. If so, please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue there.
  • If you say you are affected by the outage, please always include your website URL. I can’t check if you are affected by the outage if you don’t say which of your websites is affected.

Posts that do not follow these rules may be deleted without warning. This is to help ensure that all the relevant information is easily available to everyone reading this topic.


403 Access denied.

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access denied…
i was checking my page and then its not workingg

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Same issue here. Its affecting alot of us…

Hi everyone and welcome to the forum! I can’t seem to access those two websites right now… Seems like the IPs, and are temporarily down if I can’t access those two websites, so we have to wait until it gets fixed. In the meanwhile you can move to another hosting account where the problem isn’t there if you want to access your website quickly.



When i want to open my website it doesn’t load in. It doesn’t load my browser on my computer or my phone, it just loads up there at the top of the tab but doesn’t launch. But my test website loads without any problems

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@DomeNoel You are on IP …215


Why is my website not showing up? it was working perfect few hours ago

Hi and welcome to the forum! What is your website URL so I can check?



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I also added to the list of IPs that are affected by the maintenance before, as it seems like that IP is affected as well.


For irrelevant questions, comments and conversation about this outage please write here



same here

Your website is on .215, so that is to be expected.

To everyone: Please use a DNS checker tool such as https://dnschecker.org/ to check the IP address your website is on, and share your website URL only if your site is not on the IPs mentioned and you suspect the outage may affect you.

Please remember the Outage Communication rules apply, so any posts saying “me too” without providing any new information will be flagged and deleted without warning.

Thank you.


Re-opening and re-pinning this topic because the same servers have gone down again.


UPDATE: Now every server affected by the issue is back up, but for maintenance to the hard drives websites might get a 404 Error and are still not able to connect to FTP. Don’t panic; after they figured out the problem to the hard drives on those groups of servers, they’ll put the drives back in operation for those servers so your website will work again.


A post was split to a new topic: My website is redirecting somewhere else

Oh, wait, I have a follow-up. Static websites work fine on this group of servers, but dynamic websites (those who rely on PHP) are the problem: they get redirected to the default 404 page instead of the FastCGI 403 there was before. Maybe they’re working on updating PHP on those servers? I don’t know. Let’s hope so though…