How to create free business email with ImprovMX


  1. Introduction.
  2. Prerequisites.
  3. Receive mails.
  4. Send mails.
  5. Note.

1. Introduction.

This guide is intended for users who are using the free plan and want to know how to obtain an email with the format “name@subdomain” (e.g.: [email protected]). It will consist of two sections: on the one hand, how to receive emails and, on the other hand, how to send them. The ultimate goal will be to have a personalized email as an alias for our email client, so that we can receive and send emails from Gmail, but they appear as “” instead of “”.

2. Prerequisites.

  1. Have an active free subdomain.
  2. Have a regular Gmail account.

3. Receive mails.

  1. Go to

  2. In the “Your domain name” field, type the address of your subdomain (e.g.: [email protected]).

  3. In the “Your email address” field, type your Gmail address (e.g.: [email protected]).

  4. Click on the “Create a free alias” button.

  1. You will have to follow the configuration steps on the page. It will ask you to add the following:
  • Go to the control panel of your subdomain. There is a section called “Email”. In this section, we can find two buttons: MX Records and SPF Records.

  • In SPF Records, you have to add a new record: v=spf1 ~all

  1. After the above, make sure to see this.

  1. Now you can receive emails!
  • I’m going to send a test email:

Testing inbox

  • Emails can be viewed from your Gmail inbox:

Gmail inbox

Or from the Log section of ImprovMX.

4. Send mails.

The steps I am going to write come from this wonderful official ImprovMX guide: "Send Mail As" with an email alias on Gmail — ImprovMX.

  1. Go to the security settings of the Google account you are using. You have to activate two-step verification. If you already have it, you can continue with the next step.

  2. Create an “app password” from this link:

  3. Go to Gmail → Settings → Accounts and Import. Then, select “Add another email address you own” under Aliases.

  4. Set your forwarded email (your alias) and your sender’s name. Untick “Treat as an alias”.


  1. SMTP is “”, port is right already. Username is your gmail address (incl. “”) Password is the password you generated on step 2. Leave TLS enabled as is.


  1. You will receive an email from Gmail asking you to confirm ownership with a code. Fill in the code in the popup modal, and you are all set!

  2. Now you can just select your alias in the list when you compose a new message.

Send test

5. Note.

In the images, some things are in Spanish because my PC is in that language. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


nice guide :slight_smile:

I would reword this and say priority otherwise people might get confused.

This is good if you only want incoming emails, but not so good if you need outgoing emails, but its a nice short guide.


you can add a no-reply alias to your domain you can use it to send message using your custom domain

That’s not how ImprovMX works. It’s for mail forwarding, not sending. When you email [email protected] it then forwards it to a different email address.


@TigerMANEK426 is right, ImprovMX just forwards emails. It’s only good if you want alias for an already existing email.

If you need an actual email account with your domain, use Yandex:

Or upgrade to premium for unlimited email accounts.

Hmmm…wonder if it is possible?

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What do you mean?


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Still mail forwarding :joy:

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you can send email using just follow their guide and your all setup

Yes, it is possible to send emails. You just need to link the email address you use to receive messages in Gmail, and then you can use it as an alias to send messages. Simply follow this guide: "Send Mail As" with an email alias on Gmail — ImprovMX. I have followed it exactly, and it has worked perfectly for me. I would like to create a guide myself, but I’m not sure how to create it in the appropriate category since I am new to this forum.

Thank you @EstudiosVanjou for writing a more detailed guide for ImprovMX, also for the email sending part! Your guide is quite a bit more detailed than the original one, so I’ve replaced the previous guide with the one you wrote.


Doesn’t work anymore. NO DOMAINS ON ACCOUNT error.

That error suggests that the account on which you’re trying to set it up just doesn’t have any eligible domains.

If you think that’s not correct, please create a new topic in Hosting Support and explain the issue there. Please clearly state on which domain and account you want setup which type of DNS record.


This issue is fixed. If you have a account beginning with if, you can create an “addon” domain, not a subdomain, and it works.

Proton Mail users will notice that emails don’t go through. This appears to be the culprit:

Basically, Proton now requires email domains to support DANE. Most do, however sites like InfinityFree and SpamGourmet don’t support it.