Websites down (Connection Timed Out / 502 Bad Gateway) - FTP and File Manager not working

Websites down (Connection Timed Out / 502 Bad Gateway) - FTP and File Manager not working

In the last few weeks (starting August 11), we have been seeing frequent and intermittent issues with many websites.

What issues can you experience?

If you are affected by this issue, you may see the following issues:

  • Website returns some kind of “Connection Timed Out” error
  • Website returns a 502 Bad Gateway error
  • Website being overall slow
  • FTP access is not working, FileZilla shows “Connection timed out”
  • File Manager is not logging in / returning “Could not read line from socket” error

Who is affected by this issue?

You may experience these issues if your website is hosted on one of these IP addresses.


You can find the IP address of your hosting account in the client area. Simply login, click Manage next to your account, find the Account Details card and check the field Website IP.

Is your IP

No, your website IP is not The IP address is the address of the FTP server. This is the same server used by everyone to access files on their account, regardless of the exact IP address their website is hosted on. The FTP server itself does not host any websites.

Please follow the instructions above to find your actual website IP.

What is causing this issue?

These issues are caused by capacity and load balancing issues on the free hosting platform. iFastNet is well aware of this and are doing what they can to keep the servers running smoothly as much as possible.

iFastNet is hard at work preparing additional capacity to be added to the cluster to solve these issues.

When will this be fixed?

The outages themselves are happening intermittently, and may last anywhere from less than half an hour to a full day.

The issues will be fully resolved when the added capacity is brought online. This can take a few weeks to be all set up.

Before replying to this topic, please read the OUTAGE COMMUNICATION RULES. Post that do not follow these rules will be deleted without warning.


Is there any option to just change the IP that websites are running on so they’ll keep running while iFastNet working on a solution of the problematic IPs? Please actually losing money for this and it’s not like this is the first time iFastNet working on short-term solutions for those IP addresses :frowning:

Create or change hosting account?

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The issue in this question is not the IP address, but the storage system being overloaded.

Moving accounts around really isn’t an option, because the transfer operation itself would add much more load to an already stressed system. And most likely, it would just transfer the outage to other systems.

But if you want to move right now, you can already remove the domain from your current account and create a new one. However, since FTP is down too, you won’t be able to retrieve your current account contents to move the website. Fortunately, the database servers seem unaffected.

It can’t be much, or you would have purchased premium hosting already.

They are working on a more long term solution, but adding more capacity can’t be done at the press of a button. It takes a sizeable investment in hardware and then time to ship, install and provision that hardware.

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Appreciate you guys doing this and most of the time not even getting payed for it, you guys are troopers and I hope that all goes well with this fix <3 and it’s the last time you guys have to have this happen. For both of our sakes.


How long you take time to fix the IP connection and back our website??

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This won’t be much help, I guess Changing account, domain takes up to 60 days to accept deletion, and the subsequent propagation to the new host account.

Can’t you guys change the IP that doesn’t work to an IP that does work from iFastNet on all the InfinityFree accounts that are running tempo-dead IPs?

And right now, sadly, I don’t earn enough to purchase premium hosting, maybe only in 20-30 days from now I could.

maybe he didnt because ifast is shady and this is the only somewhat good option for quick hosting. not bashing anyone but he’s losing money over a site and you justify it by saying he’s “not making much because he never got premium”.

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my site is back thanks

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seems like is back up for those on that IP

Hello My website IP is and is not included in the declared address range, however, I do not appear to be able to upload to my site using FTP, can you help please?

They don’t work for free, you may be using free hosting but others may not be.

It looks like it should be up, it’s returning 403 Forbidden when going to that IP address

The IP addresses all came up again at around 13:20 UTC (about two and a half hours ago)!

Note that performance may still be impacted for the first few hours due to server warmup time.

Additionally, as stated, these issues may occur again until capacity has been increased.

Please remember the outage communication rules before posting.

A quick recap:

  • The symptoms and affected IP addresses are listed in the initial post.
  • If you are on a different IP address and do not experience ALL the symptoms listed, you are most likely not affected by this outage.
  • If you are on a different IP and do experience all the symptoms always include a website URL. I can’t verify your website is down if you don’t provide a website URL. An IP address alone doesn’t allow me to verify anything.
  • Please don’t ask questions like “when will this be fixed”. If I know the answer, you will find it in my announcement. If it’s not there, it means I do not know.

Posts in violation have been deleted.

Domains can be deleted instantly from an active account and be reused right away. No need to deactivate the whole account and wait for it to be deleted first (which was recently reduced to 30 days).

It’s not really an IP problem, it’s a storage problem. I could have listed Hosting Volumes in the announcement too (since those seem to be the things actually affected). Just assigning a different IP address on the server wouldn’t have made a difference for your website because the server can’t load the website files properly.

Did you website return Connection Timed Out errors? Were you unable to establish any FTP connection at all, as opposed to having upload issues only? Is the website back up now?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, I’m still happy to help you. But only if you describe the issue in a new topic in the Hosting Support category, not when you’re dumping unrelated issues into an outage discussion.

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Can’t you like make a code to check for unused or abandoned sites/accounts and remove them periodically? Would help the storage issue a little at least, i think

That what suspension for inactivity is. This issue is different, and I think it has something to do with the system putting too many accounts on one server (I might be wrong)

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