Websites down (Connection Timed Out / 502 Bad Gateway) - FTP and File Manager not working

That’s exactly it!

We already remove accounts for inactivity for this exact reason. We even reduced the inactivity time recently. It used to be 60 days (but was advertised as 30 days) but is now actually 30 days. So if your account gets no visitors in 30 days, it’s suspended and deleted later.

New, big servers were added a few months ago, but since these servers were empty, most new accounts were automatically sent to those servers. People then wanted to setup their website on their new account, so you get a lot of FTP traffic, Softaculous installations and so on all putting pressure on the new server. Once a website is actually set up, the load on the server is much less.

iFastNet is working on adding a lot of capacity soon which should be able to handle all this load without any issues.


I am not being able to access neither my website (timed out error) nor file manager, basically experiencing the same problems as the August 11 outage. Any help or reply on the subject would be appreciated.
Username epiz_29299866
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Thank you in advance.

Seems is down again.

Yes, it look down again. When agreeing, please make sure to include a domain me that can be checked.

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I made a backup in the last time, so accidentally caused the site to stop, can you forgive me?


i had no access to my website (timeout error) or file manager and basically went through the same problem with the August 14 power outage. I’m sorry, it’s probably because I’ve done the site backup again, and we would appreciate any help or answer on this question.

Epiz 29422733
Domain name [ ]
Thank you in advance.

Please help. My IP Address is :
and my domain name is:

Web site backups take up CPU, which can cause power outages, especially for sites that exceed a certain capacity

Sorry but my website always have some errors like timed out and the others errors mentionned in your first message (FTP and File Manager): Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Can you help me please, perhaps reboot my server ?
Username epiz_29086342
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Created on 2021-07-08

@Endvad, your website is suspended, so it is not affected by an outage. Please check the client area for details.

@Ronita, the issue is with you (On your end) since the IP you provided is working. Please check your website for suspensions, or code that is not working properly.

@kevin2021, this is not your fault. People make full backups all the time (And it is recomended that you do so). Also, please provide the actual domain of your account, as the “Main Domain” is not helpful in troubleshooting.

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Sorry but nothing is marked about the server shutdown in the client area. I don’t understand what i must do.

Can you post your actual domain? The main domain (What I think you posted, not positive) always shows the suspended page. Your screenshot shows a different domain (That I can read). Can you post the domain from th screenshot?

Imgur: The magic of the Internet Look at :wink:

I can’t. That’s why I asked you to type it.


Thanks a lot ! An Admin have repaired my Website ! He works again !

Please note that I wrote the following in the original announcement:

This means the IP addresses listed in the message may go down again. The cause and symptoms are always the same. This is a known issue and everyone is doing what they can to get fixed permanently.

Please do not keep posting here with posts like “it’s down again!”, “it’s up again!”. We know that this happens and

This is a real issue with real impact to real websites. Sites should not be down so frequently, but it’s the reality right now.

At the time of writing, all IP addresses are up again.

But once again, they can go down again until additional capacity is added.


I added to the list of affected IP addresses. It seems to suffer from the same issues.

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