The site and account are not working

Hello. Can you give instructions on how to do this? To go to full. Thanks.

I already did.


Thanks! And please see. Throws an error. What to do? I see the certificate, but the site is not working yet.

Please screenshot your Cloudflare DNS, and provide the IP of your account from the Client Area.


That’s weird. The IP is working, and your site just seams to be constantly loading. I don’t have access to the tools to check at the moment, but if no one else gets back to you I can check tonight.

Check, please. “File Manager” does not open in my account.

This is what I see.


Which could be related to this

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When it showed an error (on the screen), the certificate was. There was a secure connection. But now the site is not loading.

I don’t see a timeout error, I only see the redirect loop issue.

Do you have any Page Rules or other redirects setup at Cloudflare? If so, please try disabling those.

No, I didn’t change anything there anymore.

The site has appeared). Hopefully it will work without problems? Loading is long. I can’t get into the File Manager.

Again Error 502 … I don’t understand anymore …

Do you have any redirects in .htaccess, the control panel, or Cloudflare? That error means something is messed up on your end since the IP is working.

Error 502

The page explains this:

What can I do?

Please try again in a few minutes.

Hello. The site is not working (. What should I score on it? Maybe check it again.

All the symptoms look like the issues from the ongoing outage:

So I think that your website IP is affected too.

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