The site and account are not working

I registered an account on August 22. Today is August 25, the site and account are not working. Why?

did you use a custom domain name? if so please mention. if you used a subdomain please mention. this will help us to find the solution efficiently!

Make sure your CNAME or A record is correct.

Screenshot of CF dns will be good

Follow this guide

Is that right? Don’t need MX values?

Please show the IP, and make sure it matches the one in the client area. There isn’t a reason to hide the IP, as many accounts use it.

MX records are only for mail, so you don’t need them.

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I copied the IP from the Website

The issue is that your site is setup to use HTTPS, but you don’t have an SSL certificate. Follow the guide below.

@Nurbol is using CF. CF SSL will kick in in 24hrs time


Unless you have minimally a self-signed cert, full mode will not work.

SSL worked when I redirected to Google Cloud

Not sure what you mean by that. Either follow the guide I posted, or set Cloudflare SSL to “Flexable”

Is all part of the internet. You will eventually get used to it :slight_smile:

It should be setup correctly now, you may just have to wait for Cloudflare to issue you a certificate. Nothing more is needed on your end.

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OK thank you! Good support!


Hello. My domain is not working yet. Is this normal?

No. That’s because you keep changing nameservers!!
Nobody can help you if you keep doing it

I don’t understand what I should do? I fixed the DNS yesterday.

Decide which nameserver you are going to use, IF or CF?

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