The site and account are not working

I want to make a website on this hosting. What’s wrong?

For starters, it would help a lot if you make some decisions on which technologies you want to use. Do you want to use our nameservers or Cloudflare? Do you want to use our SSL certificates? Or Full or Flexible SSL at Cloudflare?

We can also give you recommendations if you need help making the decisions. But then can you please describe what you need exactly?

Whatever you need, we can help you. All we need is some clarity on what that is.

In any case, we can help you better with more details. Posting only single sentences doesn’t give us a lot to go on.


idk maybe try to wait 48h (since it can take up to 48h i think (most of internet things say that)
and try to clear your cache and the CF cache

you can use this hosting with CF thats not the pb here just

if you use IF NS you should use their DNS system (not CF) if you use CF NS you should use CF DNS system (like on your screenshot)

you are on namesilo of what i see so set your NS here (i think you know) do what i told the line above and wait it should work,

and then only check your SSL certificat because i think this was the original pb



This goes more so for single word replies.

If you want to use Cloudflare, the first thing to do is to switch your domain back to Cloudflare’s nameservers. You’re using our nameservers right now.

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I understand everything!)) Excuse me. I don’t know much about it. I fixed the DNS.

Do I need to remove SSL here? If so, how?

Yes, you did. Now wait for DNS propagation (72 hours) and don’t touch anything. In Cloudflare, make sure you have SSL set to flexible, you can ignore the one on IF unless you want to use it. The article below may be able to help you out.

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You don’t NEED to remove SSL. But if you’re using Cloudflare, I wouldn’t bother with Let’s Encrypt or GoGetSSL certificates. And if you’re not going to use those certificates, it doesn’t matter if you keep it or not.

You can remove the SSL domain by clicking the domain in the list, scrolling down the page and clicking the Delete button.

If you are using Cloudflare, I would recommend to request a Self Signed SSL certificate instead. You can also do that with our SSL certificates tool. You can then install that certificate to your account and set Cloudflare to “Full” SSL mode.

This is more secure and tends to be more bug free than using the default Flexible SSL.

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Hello. Can you give instructions on how to do this? To go to full. Thanks.

I already did.


Thanks! And please see. Throws an error. What to do? I see the certificate, but the site is not working yet.

Please screenshot your Cloudflare DNS, and provide the IP of your account from the Client Area.


That’s weird. The IP is working, and your site just seams to be constantly loading. I don’t have access to the tools to check at the moment, but if no one else gets back to you I can check tonight.

Check, please. “File Manager” does not open in my account.

This is what I see.


Which could be related to this

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When it showed an error (on the screen), the certificate was. There was a secure connection. But now the site is not loading.

I don’t see a timeout error, I only see the redirect loop issue.

Do you have any Page Rules or other redirects setup at Cloudflare? If so, please try disabling those.