Various ongoing issues: websites, file manager, FTP, databases


Please observe the outage communication rules before posting.


There are a few issues going on that affect some websites. For all of these issues, iFastNet is aware of the situation and is doing their best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Please do not create additional topics, messages or reports about this. We’re all aware of the issues, and more posts will not help us figure out what’s going on.

No files in FTP and file manager

Many accounts on different Hosting Volumes (vol1_1 and vol13_5 are known to be affected, but others may too) are having trouble accessing their files over FTP, and subsequently the file manager.

The FTP sessions and file manger don’t show any errors, but all files and directories appear to be gone.

The websites themselves appear to be working fine, so it’s unlikely any data is lost.

iFastNet is working on this and hopes to restore FTP/file manager access within a few days.

No databases in control panel

On some accounts, databases are not visible in the control panel.

I’m still collecting more details about this issue.

Some websites are unreachable for some people (DNS issue)

Some websites, notably created in the last few days in June or in the first days of July, are not accessible for some people but are available for others.

If your website is affected, you may see a DNS related error or a domain parking page.

This issue is caused by part of our nameserver cluster to be out of sync with the other servers. So your website may work or not depending on which exact nameserver you happen to connect to from your device.

One possible mitigation is to remove the domain name from your hosting account and then add it again. This should recreate the DNS records and make the website available everywhere. But note that, as with any DNS change, it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to be visible.

iFastNet is also working to fix this for all affected domains.


Gracias por arreglar el problema, ya puedo usar mi gestor ftp

Thanks you, infinityfree

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Welcome to the form @MerruyMage! In the future, please type in English.

Thanks for letting us know that it is working for you. If others begin to experience working services, please reply with your epizy username, as well as the service that is now operational.

I think all was solved

I just checked some of the previous documented cases. Here are the updates:

No files in FTP and file manager

This issue appears resolved. The few accounts I was tracking appear to have files and directories again in the file manager.

No databases in control panel

This seems resolved too. That said, the issue happened intermittently before, so it may appear again.

Some websites are unreachable for some people (DNS issue)

This issue is still going on.

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