How do I change name server?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

The Web browser shows a page containing ads instead of showing my own index.html.

Other Information

I read on the various-ongoing-issues-websites-file-manager-ftp-databases number 48147
that the issue is probably due to the name servers.

With the Domain Checker I got that:
“Your domain is using byet nameservers. This will work fine in most cases, but epizy nameservers are more reliable in some circumstances, and so are recommended.”

My question is: how do I change the name servers from the byet ones to the epizy ones? Step-by-step instructions on where I am supposed to click would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You can’t, it’s a subdomain not owned by you, just ignore the message, nothing you can do about it

It was take up to 3 days, clear your cache too


That message is outdated. We still need to remove that.

Our free subdomains do use the nameservers, and you can’t change that.

On Monday, July 5th I signed to test your service and today is July 11th and I keep seeing the same ads instead of my simple index.html page.
I understand that this is a free service, but I was relying on you to teach my students how to work with Web technologies. When on Monday I was told to wait for 3 days I thought it would be OK, but this coming Monday I will have another class with my students and right now I am still not ready to show them anything. Is there a reasonable amount of time I can hope to be able to use your service? Can you please share with me whether the page will be working by Monday at 4:30 pm PST?
Thank you, Chris

Hey there, your website is working for me, so the issue is probably your cache. Can you please try clearing your cache and cookies?


It is working for me too! And I didn’t even need to clear anything.
My students will be very happy to upload their files and see them in their Web browser!
And thank you from me for all your support!


went back to showing ads.
Is there an ETA for this? My students need to upload their homework and be able to see how their pages look in a web browser.
Thank you, Chris

As soon as there is an ETA, I’ll publish it with the official announcement.

In the mean time, you could have just deleted and re-added the domain name to fix this.

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