Help! I accidently deleted something and now my website is going to suspended-website!

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Other Information

My website keeps going to this site!

Check the client area for the reason

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It does not say anything there.

It might be cache, please supply your domain as cookie1982 said

It is on my profile. Click my profile picture and it will be there.

Did you remove the domain from your control panel? Looks like it to me, your domain redirects to the defult sponsors page.

(You can’t see it on the above screensuot because ads are blocked)

I removed something called addon domains (on accident) and it had my domain on it. Please help, I am panicking.

Re add it, but I the subdomains section

It is not doing anything. My site still redirects to the suspended site website.

Please clear cache or try a different browser or use a VPN

Cache: Did not work
VPN: Did not work
Safari/Different browser: Goes to directory listing

Opera browser with cleared cache:

Did you delete the files?
Or maybe is this the case for you?


I didn’t delete the files, it seems when I delete the subdomain you told me to add, it goes to suspended domain.

Use ftp to transfer files from /htdocs to

Just create add a new addon domain

It looks like your domain is working as I see the directory listing page. You will probably have to re-upload all of your files to the /htdocs folder.

Alright, will do now!

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Thank you thank you thank you! You saved my website from almost being shut down forever! Thank you.

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Not a problem, glad I could help!

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