[SOLVED] Website IPs and are down

IMPORTANT: Please read the Outage Communication Rules before posting!

Since July 24, 11:00 UTC the website IPs and are down.

We know the following issues occur:

  • Websites return some kind of Connection Refused or Connection Timed Out error.
  • FTP and file manager access is not working.
  • Some control panel features, like Softaculous, also do not work.

At this time, there is no known workaround or fix.

We’re aware of the issue and have notified iFastNet. I’ll update this topic as soon as I know more.


Maybe IP Address is also down

As far as I can tell, it’s just these IPs. As per the outage communication rules: can you please include a website URL so there is actually something I can check?


After your reply, I checked again, now it’s working.

Please remember: the outage communication rules are in effect. Post that do not follow these rules will be deleted without warning.

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need to wait a web server fix or i need to fix that?

need to wait a web server fix


Do you suggest people who were affected by the outage " To Move Your Domain To A Different Account" Like suggested here:

or since this is not the first time it happened you believe the solution will come faster sir?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


estimate how long?

Good question and good suggestion.

It’s true that these are the same servers that had all the issues in June. Judging by the symptoms, I would say the current issue is also storage related.

But I have not received any information yet from iFastNet as to what is actually going on, how long this may take to fix or whether there will be any data loss.

If you’re OK with having to restore your website without access to your current files (like last time: database are unaffected), moving your domain to a different account is a good way to get your website up in a predictable time frame.

Like I said: I will update the topic as soon as I know more. If I had an estimate, I would put it there.


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file mgr goes to ftp login. update 11:30 AM Vancouver, BC, Canada time: just got to the point of uploading a file, then when it got to 100% on the progress bar, error message of “The upload failed: 577 / Monsta exception”. update 11:33 back to ftp login. updagte 11:34 - all good. 11:36 - back to ftp login. 11:37 - sometimes works, but keeps switching. was just able to upload some files, but I get error 404 when try to open new one uploaded today on my otherwise working website. Also was able to click on home button to open web file mgr successfully for a short time. when clicked on refresh button (circle with arrow), got error Argument host must be non zero length-string. Got: “”

Ans is

Admin will update this topic if he gets any update from iFastNet about this outage reason, when it will be resolved or when it is resolved or what is next. Be patient until the next update.


thank you , admin ! server is up


Since around 21:30 last night, the website IPs were up again.

I only just got an explanation from iFastNet: there was a storage issue on these servers. A file system check had to be run which took a few hours. Also, more storage has been added to help with the performance issues many people have experienced on this server.

I also had to remove about half of the posts in this topic, and most of the posts since my last message. All of these posts violated the outage communication rules.

Just as a reminder:

  • If you are not on the listed IP addresses, you are almost certainly not affected by this outage.
  • If you do not experience ALL the symptoms (e.g.: the file manager doesn’t work but FTP does), then it’s almost certainly not related to this outage.
  • The topic writes about website IPs. The IP is not a website IP, that’s the FTP server IP.
  • If you say there is another issue always include the URL to your website. Not every issue is experienced by every website on the same IP. If you say there is an issue with your website, clearly state which website is affected so we can check it and tell if it’s just you or it affects other people too.
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