Error 522 - cloudflare

Error Message: Error 522

Ray ID: 673cd1bcbe133a7d • 2021-07-24 11:30:56 UTC

Unrelated to your problem but I noticed


Make sure the hostnames you are using for SMTP, IMAP, FTP, MAIL are on eb713af8566f40385c58934b5dff0e52e65797e4

Can your double-check to see if the IP for the A records is the same as the one in the client are? Also, what are the “ftp” “mail” and “smpt” A records for? Additionally, you probably have your mail records setup incorrectly, as IF does not provide email.

do that? or delete
I just don’t use email.

I would remove all the A records except of the “” and the “www” one. Also remove the MX records.

I don’t know why your site is not working…

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No ftp access either, what can I do?


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