Softaculous Apps Installer not launching


On the following site;


The following error occurs;

“Something went wrong. Please wait 20 minutes”

Please assist me in this matter.

Site is hosted on;

Hosting Volume: vol13_4

You’re experiencing the same issue as was described here:


After having done that, trying to create a new hosting account with my domain name, i get the following error: " The selected domain is already in use on InfinityFree. If this is your domain, please remove it from any other accounts first." - despite having deleted the domain from the other account ,as well as deactivating that other account. Wow!

Now be carefull with deleting and creating a new hosting account. My account got suspended because of this.

Accounts don’t get suspended just because you created them / deleted an old one. If it was a permanente suspension, you can open a support ticket to learn more.

There is a possibility the current outage may be affecting the hosting system. I would go back and make sure the domain was actually removed from the old account (just in case the system messed up), then try adding it again.


I am now personally insulted by your presumption of me not having tried this already. Just admit that your platform is garbage.

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I won’t admit that, because it’s not true. However, I will admit that’s it not the best in the world, and things do go wrong. Mostly because this is a free service, which means funding is quite low.


I request that you delete this forum thread. Please send me an e-mail as a confirmation of this forum thread having been deleted. Thank you.


This is a public forum, so we keep all conversations here for future reference.

If you don’t want your forum account associated with these posts, you can delete your client area profile (Which since you say this service is garbage, probably won’t be a big deal).


At least censor the DOMAIN NAME that I included in the Original Post. If you don’t I will file GDPR Article 15 requests, and cause you a big headache. Delete my OP all together, to avoid all trouble.

Just anonymize your current forum account by deleting the hosting account, it is not that deep.


I think you need to read article 15 first, because it has nothing to do with this.

Also GDPR is about PII, or personally identifiable information. Domain names are not PII, and are not covered under GDPR


I believe that you could look up someone’s information by the domain ownership?


This is a public forum thread. Forum threads are not deleted; and InfinityFree reserves every right to keep it public, especially since it has a comment from another user which may need to be addressed.

Unless you believe the users of this forum can read minds, we have no possible way of knowing what you have tried or not. Instead of being offended, you could share the steps you have already taken next time, to ensure that the suggestions offered are not something you have already done.

I tried creating a new hosting account some hours ago, to verify the issue, and the creation process worked fine. I’m not sure if you’re just unlucky and happen to be assigned to servers that might be broken; I assume you have also tried repeating the process, creating yet another new hosting account and seeing if it isn’t broken?

The good news is, the issue has been reported, so a fix is being worked on and will eventually be released. However it is understandable that you may not wish to use this hosting platform, so in this case, good luck with your new provider.

You should be able to edit posts and remove that yourself.
Correction: New users cannot do that, but you may ask the moderation team to do so.

That’s on them; if they don’t have Domain Privacy enabled, this happens. No responsibility for that falls on the public forum they shared that domain to.
Besides, InfinityFree’s terms of service are pretty clear on what you sign up for:

  • Your User Submissions are entirely voluntary.
  • Your User Submissions do not establish a confidential relationship or obligate InfinityFree to treat your User Submissions as confidential or secret.

If your not using some sort of domain protection, then yes, I suppose you could.

But domain names themselves are not considered PII, while the WHOIS data itself is.

As a new user, the OP would not have the ability to do that.

If you ask nicely, you may be able to get a member of the moderation team to remove it for you, but note that we are in no way obliged to remove anything.


Thank you for the correction; I was never a new user in Discourse, so I’m not very familiar with the territory :joy:

I’ve now corrected the original post and added the relevant portions of the terms of service regarding user contributions to the forum.


Thank you everyone!


Spamming the same post 3 times isn’t getting your “request” processed sooner.
I am once again going to link you to a post that was made on the request of a similar user:

By the way, publicly sharing your name on a public forum isn’t the smartest thing to do. You should have communicated your request via email.


Will the CONTENTS of my posts also be deleted by way of the method you have provided?

You stated: “That way, your (forum) name, email address, login history will all be erased completely and irrecoverably.”

This does not include the sensitive information that appears in my posts.

You are obviously personally offended by the fact that this thread exposes how big of a GARBAGE-website this is.

  1. I open an account
  2. I incur a problem
  3. I am guided in solving that in a specific manner
  4. That specific manner did not work, but instead increased an ADDITIONAL problem
  5. I decide to ditch your garbage platform, but you are so offended by my language that your AUTISTIC NECKBEARD -brain plays little games with me, instead of deleting everything manually.

Last chance; Will you delete everything MANUALLY or shall I file suit? You have already violated enough Articles by wrongfully not complying with Article 12 - you have no issued me a REFERENCE NUMBER to my request; this in itself is sufficient, neglecting your neglection of the GDPR not being preemptable by your Terms & Services.

You are digging this hole deeper. But only you will wind up in it.

Read here:

You have already violated Article 12(4):

" 4. If the controller does not take action on the request of the data subject, the controller shall inform the data subject without delay and at the latest within one month of receipt of the request of the reasons for not taking action and on the possibility of lodging a complaint with a supervisory authority and seeking a judicial remedy."

Would you like me to continue down the list of precise violations of the GDPR, or will you finally start acting in a legally compliant manner?

Like I said, I will not hesitate, if need be, to lodge a complaint and file suit. Pick wisely. I have extended a hand … delete EVERYTHING (including the contents of this thread).