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They won’t and its not required as Admin said:


Mate, GDPR does not apply here.

The only personal information you have on this forum is what you put in those long posts of yours, and since they are spam, I deleted them. So you don’t have any PII on this forum.

If you want your personal information removed from InfinityFree, I can deactivate your forum account, just let me know if that is what you want. Note that you want be able to use the forum again if I do.

Also, don’t use AI on the forum. For one, it’s wrong about parts of the GDPR law, and two, it makes things up and changes the meaning of your posts.


Domain names and PII are a difficult subject. When you look at what’s written regarding domain names and the GDPR, most of what’s written refers to the WHOIS information of a domain name, a way to look up who owns a domain name. That used to be public information, but since 2016, most registrars and registries have moved to hiding this information by default. For .nl domains, there is no public WHOIS information anymore.

The domain name text itself is generally not considered when thinking about personal information, even though it can definitely be. But it doesn’t have to be, you can also have a domain name that does not include your name or anything else that could be used to identify you.

There are cases where data that is originally PII is no longer PII because of how the person is using it. The name “John Doe” is PII. But if John founds a company “John Doe Consultancy”, then “John Doe Consultancy” is the company name, which is no longer considered PII because a company is not a person. You can’t then sue the Chamber of Commerce for making your name public, you chose to make your personal name part of the company name. That was your decision.

I think a similar mechanism applies to domain names.

In general, domain names are not considered to be confidential. Many registries make public which domains have been registered. WHOIS lookups and DNS lookups can be used to ascertain which domains exist. If you obtain an SSL certificate, it will be logged in the Certificate Transparency Logs, which are an immutable record of every SSL certificate and the domain(s) they are valid for. And all of this public information is being collected, processed and redistributed by many other entities.

If you did not want your legal name to be public, you should not have made it part of your domain name.

Besides that, this is a public forum. All messages anyone publishes here are visible for the entire world to see. And generally all posts here are collected, searched and stored by search engine, web archival services and more. Even if we were to delete the data here, that doesn’t mean it’s gone from the internet.

Our stance is that any information you choose to publish here is information you have chosen to make public. We did not publish your domain name, you did. Knowingly and willingly.

We believe that the contents of forum posts are not sensitive information, because they only contain information you have chosen to make public. Therefore, the privacy impact of keeping them is minimal. We don’t erase all forum posts when a forum profile is deleted because that would create gaps in topics you have participated in. But these topics are a valuable resources to others, such as other InfinityFree users with similar questions. So we have an interest in maintaining those posts. We believe that our interest in maintaining the integrity of our forum weighs more strongly than the privacy impact of the contents of forum posts. Therefore, we do not delete forum posts.


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Per the various DMs you sent me, your forum profile is now completely anonymized - which is a valid action under GDPR law.

Your welcome


No more LawyerGPT responses!


Unless they create a new account and start over…


Get ready to be kicked out I guess.


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