How to install, setup and update WordPress correctly

Do you often see this on your WordPress website?


If so you may need to change some of the installation settings.

Installing WordPress


  1. Fresh Installation
    Make sure you are using the following settings when using Softaculous Install

  1. Existing Installation

You can access your existing installation via

Followed by

Make sure these are the settings used

  1. On the WordPress config

To play safe, add this line to the wp-config.php

Updating WordPress

Do not update WordPress via the dashboard as it will often cause your website to break.

Instead, you should do this

Followed by

Lastly this

That’s all! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


This will definitely be useful for WordPress users using InfinityFree. Also, I fixed minor spelling and grammar mistakes too.

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Thanks! Saw that. Hopefully this guide will cut down the number of hosting support required whenever there is any WP update.

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Hmm, I think disabling the auto updater of WordPress itself is probably a good decision. But updating through Softaculous is generally very safe. Are you sure that disabling the automatic upgrades from Softaculous is necessary? Because if that uses the same mechanism as the manual update through Softaculous, I think it’s safe to enable that.

One concern though is that the Softaculous catalog on free hosting isn’t always up to date with the catalog from Softaculous itself. So never updating WordPress by hand may result in websites with known security vulnerabilities not being updated.

According to the documentation, it’s also possible to set the update options to 'minor', which menas that only security and maintenance updates are done automatically. I personally primarily see the corrupted site when WordPress does a bigger release, not on security updates. Security updates tend to be smaller, so they may be safe enough to do automatically.


This guide seems great! I think it will help people very much, and also slice the amount of repeated topics.


Thank you

I would normally apply the update(s) (themes/plugins/WP update) 1 or 2 weeks after every release(s). This is to ensure that all kinks are sorted out. I had a few bad experiences where plugins/themes updated immediately would caused hosting account to be suspended “due to abuse”. I am playing safe using this same principle for this case. This will be at the expense of security.

Yup, had noticed this issue as well. Updated WP via ftp on quite a few occasions as well


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