WP favicon.ico

Can somebody help me.
I start a blog,and I installed wp.
I want to change the favicon.ico but I can’t find the it.I also wonder where was the robots.txt,sitemap.xml.

One step at a time.

Do this

How to set WordPress Favicon | Site Icons | WordPress.com Support.

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By the way, do you know where was the sitemap and tobots.txt stored? :grinning:

Hi,I still didn’t know how to change it.It seems like there is no custmize,I’m not sure

Please look into the theme that you are using

Did you create it in the first place?


The files favicon.ico, robots.txt and sitemap.xml are all files typically found in the htdocs folder of the particular site. However, none of these files are created by default. If you want to have these files, you can just create them yourself.

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