Active domain names redirect to

IMPORTANT: Please read the Outage Communication Rules before posting!

Likely as a result of outage from this morning, some active domain names are redirecting to or

This issue affects many domain names, it’s unclear what makes a domain affected or not.

To fix this, simply deactivate the hosting account from your client area (through the Edit Account menu) and reactivate it afterwards. This should correctly restore your domain names to working order. This doesn’t work.

Please do verify that your account is actually active though.


Checked but not working!!!
Is there any limit after the reactivation sucessfull mail??


Merhabalar bende sabah bi kesinti oldu ama site sonradan düzelmişti şuan baktığımda siteme erişim sağlayamıyorum

@Teknorans37, is your IP on of these?

1 Like ıp adresi bu teşekkür ederim şuan veritabanı gitti sanırım onarılıyor

Hi there, in the future, please type in English. Thanks

This is the IP address of, thank you, now the database is gone, I think it is being repaired

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My ip is yet it is redirecting to

It didn’t work for me either.

i did that and its still down. i made it a little after 12AM Central Time. My ip for my account is

Still Now Redirecting to suspended page!!!

I tried the above solution too!!

Please Help me or Guide me if any!
I hope that you are busy with your work is the reason for delay in your reply

My account [epiz_28214486] @Admin

My website is still working

To everyone here:

I will only consider reports that include a website URL. I’m happy to consider other websites, accounts, IP addresses and issues that may be related to this one. But I would like to quickly see the site, not have to lookup your profile and check all your websites on all your accounts to see if there is an issue at all.

Redirections to are almost always linked to the specific account or domain name, and almost never to the IP address. So only knowing an IP address tells me nothing.

I will ignore any message that does not include a URL.

Like it says in the first message: the issue is when it happens to active accounts. Your account was actually suspended, so of course the domains will redirect to


My site URL is

Username : epiz_28214486

IP :

Extremely sorry !
I thought account info enough! Thats my mistake only!
Sorry for that again!
Its our responsibility to share all the details with you to solve the issue at earlier!

Thanks for reply…
If any other info need pls mention ! That will more helpful for others users too!


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my site is back…thanks

I have tried deactivating and reactivating the account but still it is redirecting to suspendedaccount.
Can you please check what’s wrong with my account?
My website -
Thanks in advance.

Hello Admin,

I hope all is well…

These sites of mine all on this account or all diverting, thanks…





My website -


User name: epiz_25519234

also down and redirected to

Please help.

Random suspended website. url ==>