Active domain names redirect to

Tried Deactivating and reactivating but still same problem
Username : epiz_28778614
IP Address :

Thank you for including some domains. It does seem most of them have been deactivated and reactivated, so apparently it doesn’t work for this. I’ve updated the initial post accordingly.

I was able to confirm the issue for @HELPINDIA and @brynsum. The sites of @shahmanish seems fine from here and from those of @PaulNewman only seems to be down.

And finally as a reminder: I have @ notifications turned off, specifically because people were spamming it to get my attention. So please don’t bother spamming it to get my attention.


lol ok when will this be fixed ?

Okay, seems like my domain is not redirecting to suspendedaccount. But it keeps redirecting to ?i=1 to ?i=2 to ?i=3 and than finally to google support where it says how to turn on/off cookies.
My website -

For your info @Admin
Received reply from ifastnet team!
Hi there,

Maintenance is underway on free hosting today, please check again in 24 hours or less.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Many thanks,

My website also down and redirected to “suspendeddomain”

Please help. Thanks.

Hello sir,

When I am clicking on my link it is directing me to my files and not the websites. Can anyone please help me?? My url:

But when I am clicking on the files then it is opening. Can anyone help me with this??

This may help!

Please fix the problem

my website:
username: epiz_27758069

hope you fix it

The issue has been resolved now. All sites that were redirecting to are accessible again.

We weren’t going to fix this issue before, but now we will because you asked for it! /s

Of course outages like this will be fixed as fast as possible. Specifically asking for it isn’t necessary and doesn’t help.


All sites that were redirecting to are accessible again.

but my website, still not working.

add the file u want the website to open into .htaccess

Superb, all of our sites are now available, may I take this opportunity to say thanks for fixing this, it is much appreciated…

Best Wishes,


main domain works, but when i open some directory, all times it redirect me to the

Hmm, it does appear that way, yes. I’ve asked iFastNet to take a look.

My wesite still not working

This has been fixed now too.

It seems to be working now.

And the topic title says this topic is about sites redirecting to If your site is saying something else, it’s probably not this outage.

Please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue there.

This is not related to this issue. The file you want to open when the site is entered should be called “index.html” or “index.php”


I am sorry but https://evoluzione. ga is not working yet. It’s redirecting me to Suspended website