The page cannot be reached

database arrived but still no access to my site

My ip address is but the page cannot be reached so

Unable to connect to this site. refused to connect.
Try the following:

Check internet connection.
Check proxy server and firewall settings.

i get the error when i enter the site

Hey there!
It looks like quite a few IP’s are down at this time, hopefully iFastNet is working quickly on the issue.


My site was down all day. and now it is suspended. why? I only visited it twice and it is password protected so nobody else would have visited it? I can’t deactivate or do anything. :frowning:

@bleyeeyes44, have you tried the recommended solution? Can you please share a domain and an IP?

I can’t do teh recommended fix…it says :"
You cannot deactivate your account right now

An account cannot be deactivated if it’s currently being processed or held.

Due to legal obligations, InfinityFree cannot delete accounts earlier under any circumstances. Please do not submit any requests to make an exception to these rules."

url is protected) and IP is

Can you share what the suspension is for? Also, this is not related, so it should be in a new topic. This topic is for accounts that are redirecting to suspended-domain that are not suspended, but your account is.

but nobody used my site today as it was down due to the server issues. it should NOT be suspended. sigh you want me to make a new thread to say that? :expressionless: reason: " Your account was suspended because you hit the I/O Limits." It is a 1 page website with ONLY a chat box and I went to it 2 times today. no more.

Chat scripts are not allowed. Please read the TOS.


it is a simple text only chat box. not chat script. sigh my site was down all day like everyone else. I’m not a jerk…I am a professional website designer who just uses this for me and one person. I’m no scammer. not hacking. not flooding the server. nothing. anyway…this is just wasting both our time. since there is no solution for me. thanks for your input.

Please read:

Well, yes. It is different from what this topic is created for, so it should be different. Don’t worry about it now, it’s kind of too late.

The topic title and initial message clearly describes that this issue is about redirecting to Connection errors are not related to this issue.

Please read the issue announcement. If you’re not on the affected IP address/hosting volume/etc. and the error you see does not match the description, you should assume that your issue is unrelated.

And the purpose of an outage notice is not to discuss the suspensions of an individual hosting account, so I have moved the posts out of the announcement.


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