Website down. Server problems?

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This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.


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It was working last week, nor nothing. I’ve tried on an external PC, which gives the same error, and I can’t FTP in, either.

I also have an error on my website from Cloudflare
Error 522 & 520

Same thing for me :+1:

The FTP is having a temporary issue for now, same as mine. Just wait for a little bit of time, shall we?

I also got this:

502 Bad Gateway


And since I can’t edit my post, the above should have said “It was working last week, now nothing.”

Just wait a bit :wink:

Bump. Having the same issues on my site
Can’t access FTP. Luckily Cloudflare cached my site.

I also have the same problem with ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
It’s not working for hours.

Maaaajor issue.
Sorry for the ping, but my website and many others are down.
Please fix!


We cannot mention him either message him because he disabled it.

The server is having an issue at this time and this is not permanent. Please wait, guys.



Hey there,

iFastNet is performing a hardware upgrade. This caused the downtime. Your sites are online for me now.

Response from iFastNet:

There is a known issue and we’re in the process of upgrading hardware, yet it makes it difficult at this time since these are the last couple of servers.

The issues will be resolved soon, that I can tell you and let you know that we are aware of this.

Hope that I helped

Best Regards,


Yes, I just noticed a few minutes ago. Thanks for the reply.

Is there a server status page or something I can check if this happens again? I did look, but couldn’t find one.

There is no. Even admin don’t know why or when.

Let me clear it for you. Admin don’t know about any maintenance or problems (when or why) because Infinity Free is just reselling iFastNet’s service (means that servers are owned and maintained by ifastnet). Even if admin makes a status page, It will be impossible to notify us about anything until ifastnet says it.

Hope that I helped


I really would like to have a status page. But iFastNet doesn’t give a peep whenever there is an outage or maintenance. They respond to tickets, but they don’t publish any announcement, progress updates or post mortems.


@Admin (sorry for the mention) I would suggest you to use UptimeRobot for monitoring websites so it can notify you and show to the page any downtime but you won’t be able to post about any maintenances or anything.

And I totally agree withyou about iFastNet. I suggested them once to add a page when they can notify resellers about maintenances and downtimes and their reply was:

we will see what can be done

Still waiting.

Best Regards,

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He has disabled the @ notifications

Hi, this is IP address of Host. i can not access to my file manager account.
ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT this is error message i get when i try to access to my website.Please help me, because this website is my school project and i professors can not access.
Thank you!

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