Various system issues (DNS, SSL, FTP, etc.) starting May 15


ftp is running. But this time the website loads extremely late




I tried reimporting / re-adding the ssl cert, however SSL still seems to be failing.

domain -

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Try making a lookup from this resolves to
Server Type: nginx
No SSL certificates were found on Make sure that the name resolves to the correct server and that the SSL port (default is 443) is open on your server's firewall.```
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Please create a new topic as the SSL problem here is solved.


You don’t have connected the SSL of yesd you need to wait at least 12h, try reading this

Is not solved

Can please help to reopen the original post I had created?

No, because you created that during the issue. Now its solved (supposedly, some say its working) so you will need to create a new one.



ok, will create a new post. Or do you mean create a new certificate?

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Can you move this piece f topic to another topic?

A new post in the forum


FYI @Greenreader9 I’ve been busy with confirming this original issue is indeed closed and had assumed mine was unrelated and opened another thread. However, in light of the following:

  1. My SSL issue started after this post was considered “resolved”.
  2. @aKEtyPho’s identical SSL issue.
  3. Your deduction that my situation is “kind of weird” (in my thread).

Perhaps we cannot confirm yet that this post’s issue is fully resolved? @Admin FYI

Linking mine here as well for others to find:


Linking another seemingly identical SSL issue:

@Admin can we please get your opinion on the matter? I’m patiently waiting but haven’t heard from you in awhile :slight_smile: .

PS found a small difference between my two free accounts that have SSL working and the one that keeps returning ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR:

  • Working account are on hosting volume vol10_2
  • New failing account is on hosting volume vol16_2

Maybe has nothing to do with it, just throwing in whatever information I can find :sweat_smile:

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Try just… waiting

@OverloadedTech I don’t mind waiting, but normally someone in a position to fix needs to first be aware of a problem and acknowledge they are working to fix it :slight_smile: otherwise you’d be waiting quite a long time…