Suspended after I uploaded some thumbnails to my gallery


around an hour or so ago I noticed that some of the thumbnails were not displaying in my gallery

I checked all the cloudflare settings but didnt help so I uploaded my thumbnails again and the site was working fine again

now I see my site is suspended for entry process limit ???

very strange !

---- edit ----
i see in cloudflare that there was 1500 requests at 11:00 ?

I have a page rule in cloudflare to cache everything as

Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month

I dont know whats going on :frowning:

if you look at the graph at 11am (I don’t know which time zone) everything that was requested was not cached
probably someone (bot very likely) requested some URL that bypasses the cache
but 1.5k is not a big number


yeah weird right

one does not have to go the formal route and visit one of your pages directly
but may also require a file that does not exist
it can also be a URL that doesn’t exist and your website then returns a 404 or some other error (which also consumes resources) especially if that page is PHP


besides, it would be good not to put protocol here
because (now) this way someone can request the HTTP version
which then I guess bypasses the cache

because the protocol over which it was requested is not HTTPS

If omitted = scheme matches both http:// and https:// protocols


i wasnt getting any 404 errors at all but just broken image place holders

i have no idea why that happened as nothing has changed in the gallery

i’ll check that all the cloudflare caching settings are correct and hopefully the site will be back tomorrow

i changed the page rule to this

i hope thats right


Well, if the page is not cached, it still places a load on the orgin server. The best thing to do is blacklist bad bots, and whitelist pages.


ive had this enabled for a long while

Not that. Actually blocking bots by header info and adding in page rules for select requests.

sounds complicated :thinking:

It kind of is, Oxy has a pretty good starting article on it.

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btw im still getting broken image placeholders (some not all) in my gallery and have no idea why

if you right click on one of them and open image in a new tab it displays fine so the thumbnail images are there

if I refresh the page then some that were broken display correctly and others that were ok are broken ???

I have not made any changes to the site content, I wish i knew what was going on and how to fix it

i noticed this after I added a page rule to try and cache everything in cloudflare :frowning:

hmmm now all the thumbnails are working again

i give up lol

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You have the same thing happening here

E508 and E503

As well as on several other topics…
Something is happening - which I guess should not


yeah its weird, my gallery page is a basic .html page that just has normal clickable links to the image with an image thumbnail

there is only one php file = index.php which loads which ever .html file was selected from the navigation.html buttons at the top

I think sys.admins will have to investigate that (topics)