Suspended after I uploaded some thumbnails to my gallery

Initially you only have ~12 REQs in that gallery

and then when you scroll down due to a lazy load
additional files are called and you end up somewhere at 186 REQs

but 508 gets triggered very quickly at less than 50 REQs

At first, I thought maybe CF sends tons of requests to origin
but there are other sites on other topics that do not use CF so this is not the cause.


should i remove lazyload ?

well i cant even try because my account is suspended again ! what is going on ???

something is very wrong, i dont want to get permenently banned from infinityfree
ive had no issues like this before, i cant understand this
this isnt something im doing :frowning:

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maybe something has gone screwy ???


Possibly. It will be discussed.



No - because by doing so you would then immediately request 180+ images from the server which would speed up the appearance of those 508 (suspensions)

It’s hard for me to say a meaningful answer because I don’t know if the problem is in the server calculations or you have some dynamic code on the page that “works too long” and doesn’t release the EP for other things or is something third…

I’m not even sure if CF managed to pull all those images into their cache
and I didn’t get to check what the TTL is and where it comes from

CDNs will also purge files from the cache early if the content is not requested for a while, or if a CDN customer manually purges certain content.

Maybe it’s all a combination of several circumstances

What you can do is optimize every image you have on the website by dragging and dropping it HERE

P.S. always save the originals as a backup


i have no code on any of the .html pages, no javascript or anything

the only code is the index.php that has an include navigation.html for the top menu and an include for the selected .html page

no dynamic reloading going on, just a single access to the page which itself contains no code at all not even javascript

actually when I first uploaded the gallery many many months ago I didnt use lazy loading and never had this issue

---- edit ----

ive just checked my news.html page and see this

<p><b>2021-05-23</b> - I added a gallery to this site so now the Art button at the top takes you there.</p>

so ive had the gallery probably 9 months without lazyloading with no issues
maybe something has recently changed on the hosting thats triggering the suspension ?


Yeah, something is a bit, off. It is being looked into.


@Greenreader9 thanks


well the site is back, im scared to actually visit the url


Did you add deflate on the htaccess? May improve server side caching

i decided to visit the gallery and still theres a load of 508 codes
i give up

you can return to http instade of https to prevent sending a lot request at a same time
More info : http2 - What does multiplexing mean in HTTP/2 - Stack Overflow

@hq2273 the thing is that my site has been up for ages, my gallery has been up for 9 months too but only just now I am having this issue of broken images with 508 response codes and the suspensions

I also have a page rule to cache everything on cloudflare with a 1 month duration so as far as i understand it there should be no accesses to the hosting server for 1 month after the initial cache load


Looks like host limits get double but it’s more than some limits on EP limitation (response a lot of requests at a same time) so host accepted that but then EP limit hapend and then suspended just because of load one page with a lot of requests at a same time

i really dont understand all this stuff

my gallery page is just a simple .html file with a long list of

<a href>

one after another, nothing fancy, no scripting and it worked fine before the server upgrade and I never saw a broken image or a 508 code


For now I preferr change to http instade of https to prevent suspension until infinity free investigation, or just use http for images for now

How many image file (or MB of the total image file size) allow to load to avoid not to be EP suspension at this moment?