Error 508 for assets

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Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 508 ()

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I keep seeing this error in the dev console. The assets don’t load due to this. PFA a screenshot

Although, if I refresh the page a couple of times, it stops giving that error and all resources load fine.

It’s just a bad experience for anyone who visits my site for the first time as they usually see that error.

Can someone help on this please?

Hi and welcome to the forum

It happens to me on my website (on one game) and I think the reason is if a script/page
request the same files multiple times in a short time
then the server refuses to serve and throws out error 508 (exceeding the resources)

Unfortunately, such an error is difficult to easily resolve and you have to redesign your code

I didn’t manage to fix it - because the game has a loader and has to load all the files before it starts
and meanwhile, the game looks for a few more identical files for some other things,
let’s say the same mp3 file for different sounds events in the game
and the server sees this as requesting the same file (in a short time) and refuses
all other files calls once when that “limit” is exceeded.

refresh helps because the browser then keeps the files in the cache
and demands only the missing ones, so with a few refreshes (which of course is not ideal) that error disappears.

That’s my version of why this is happening and it doesn’t have to be an official statement !
I would like ifastnet to explain this to us (better than me).


@Oxy Thanks for the reply.
These files/assets are directly referenced in the static html page, so not sure why it would request those files multiple times in a short time span. But I’ll take a look again at my code and see if I can refactor anything.

Anyway, really appreciate your explanation on this issue. Got to learn some useful things on this HTTP 508 status as well. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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maybe it’s not so much related to identical files (on my website)
then the fact that they were requested through JS (via XHR)

I get this result

and I’ve seen WP pages with 180+ REQ with no problems
and I have a lot less


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