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Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

I want to install SSL on my website.

“Can I use external free SSL tools with InfinityFree?
No, external free SSL websites (like or cannot be used with InfinityFree.”

so I try the “Free SSL Certificates”
but it said “You cannot enter a free subdomain here. Please enter your own, custom domain name here.”

I can’t understand.
Please tell me how to figure out.

Other Information

You can’t install SSL on subdomains of the free hosting platform. If you have your own domain (or a subdomain of your own domain) you can install it.


got it

but why is my website at the addon domain

and can I create other that is not sub or custom with InfinityFree

You can get a free custom domain from (FreeNom doesn’t work these days). And get ssl using cloudflare or the free ssl tool in InfinityFree. (Cloudflare is recommended).

this one?

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Yes. That one. But you can only register domains like No .com, .net or any other TLDs. My domain is already registered with them.(

Thanks !!
I’ll try it !

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You can use Freenom or for free .ml domain and Cloudfare for free SSL.

Register and point your domain first to infinityfree nameservers then register a free plan account to then remove the infinityfree nameservers on your domain and change it to cloudfare nameservers. You will see a instruction from cloudfare on how.

I got free https on my subdomains and addon domains from cloudfare.

If they’re subdomains of your own domain then you can, If not you cannot.


You can also do that with our SSL certificates tool. Like the error message says:

You cannot enter a FREE subdomain here.

Emphasis mine. Subdomains of your own domain are supported.

And Cloudflare cannot be used for free subdomains either. So Cloudflare doesn’t give you any more SSL than our tool does.

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Well, cloudflare offers a cdn but you don’t! lol (I’m not telling you guys to add a cdn! I’m just telling a pro of cloudflare!)

Which only offers a minor performance improvement on most websites.

I’m not saying Cloudflare is bad, but it’s benefits are often overestimated.

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Hmm… You are right! I was overestimating cloudflare’s performance! Thanks for the info.

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