Cannot activate ssl on .com domain

Hi there… terribly sorry to launch this question… but I cannot get to activate the SSL certificate on a .com domain of mine… I went to the SSL option in Cpanel and I put in all my data, but it does not react, all the three boxes remain blank… most grateful if you could point me to a place where I can get instructions. Thank you!

Have you followed this guide How to install an SSL certificate - Docs - InfinityFree Forum


Where did you get your SSL certificate?


Hi Maho! thank you… I went through the instructions again and I went and filled in the 2 acme records in the CNamerecords page.

Then went back to my client home page, went on SSL tab and I find two red boxes. One says:

" The required CNAME record could not be found. Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect. "

The other message is similar:
" The CNAME record is not pointing to the right destination (current value: Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

So I imagine I need to wait at least 24 hours before the system acknoledges the new pointers.

Thank you Katufo. I don’t have an SSL yet. I’m just starting out with what I hope will be an active catalogue, so for the moment the self certificato provided by Infinityfree would be sufficient.

I hope I’ve done everything right. guess I have to wait until it’s propagated.

Yes, good luck! After that 24hours, just message or comment here if you are still facing the problem, the dns change would not take long sometimes, 12 hours or even just an hour.

will do! and thank you for getting back to me.

Can I know your website url so I could check it too? You know. Thanks!

thank you guys… this morning I found a green label that said verified, so I was able to click on the Step Two link. And then the system asked me to wait a few minutes.

Congrats! The keylock should be lock and have a Green message “Connection is Secure

hello Katufo! thank you for getting back to me… I just went in and the SSL indicates SSL Active in green, but for some reason I cannot view it on my browser… I’ll see if I can work out what I’m doing wrong. I emptied the cache… but maybe I need to restart my computer. I will write again when everything is ok.

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What do you mean “You can’t view it on your browser” ? Do you get some error message when visiting your site? Please send the screenshot here, thank you! And try to clean your google browser cache.

thanks katufo… when I try to type https://www… in my browser I get this message on my browser:

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


You haven’t set your SSL correctly.

First of all,
Where did you get your SSL? You can get free SSL and automatic install when you go and setup here.

Control Panel > SSL/TTS > Configure > Generate key/CSR

It will automatically install once you have done completely the form, and you just need to wait about 30 minutes or an hour.

And it will add the certificate key here automatically

Using Cloudfare
By going to Control Panel > Cloudfare > Alter Cloudfare > Enable

Enable it and wait for about 30 minutes or an hour or a day.

And when it gets enabled. Go to Cloudflare official website. Log in with your email address (the email address that you use in Infinityfree account), if you don’t know your password, simply click on Forgot your password and enter your email. You will receive a confirmation link from your Gmail account, use it to generate a new password. After that, log in to your account with the new password.

Choose your domain name > SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates > Enable the Always use HTTPS & Automatic HTTPS rewrites.

Make sure that you get a message “Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site” means that your HTTPS is ready.

Thanks Katufo… I just entered my data in the form, and now I will take my dog for a walk… let’s hope it’s all ok in about an hour…

thank you again for all your help!

Yes, kindly read it very carefully to make it perfect. And keep safe walking with your dog! Wear a mask. Update here later.

Just some things to note about your instructions:

  • You only need to use the Generate Key/CSR function if you want us to generate a CSR so you can get an SSL certificate from a third party provider by giving them the CSR (and not giving them or having them generate the private key for you).
  • You don’t need to generate a key/CSR if you’re not going to upload an SSL certificate.
  • You don’t need to generate a key/CSR if you’re going to let another tool generate a private key for you (like our SSL Certificates tool does).
  • You don’t need to generate a key/CSR if you’re going to use Cloudflare. Cloudflare can work without any SSL setup on your hosting account.

Just something for future reference for you or anyone else reading this topic.

But this explanation does create some perspective about why you say you don’t like our SSL Certificates tool: you’re doing many complicated and unnecessary steps.


Excellent! this is really helpful… so it means that after changing the cname records I should just wait…

By the way… I never said I didn’t like your SSL certificates. Far from it… I am very grateful to Infinity that it is letting me host my site for free and providing all these tools. I know that if I was paying for hosting setting up the SSLwould be done for me - I understand that fully. But I never made any negative remarks about any of the features in this provider.

I’m sorry, I meant that part for @katufo who said in another topic that they liked ZeroSSL over our tool because our tool was too complicated.

And yes, our tool is complicated if you do a dozen or so unnecessary additional operations.


I got some problem when using the tool from the other days. But I managed to create one yesterday using the tool. And at the same time, I use Cloudfare from Cpanel so I could use the Full mode.