I couldn’t upload a CA_BUNDLE, only those PRIVATE KEY and CERTIFICATE. What’s the reason?

I tried your free SSL tool, but I couldn’t upload a CA_BUNDLE, only those PRIVATE KEY and CERTIFICATE. What’s the reason? Thank you!

That’s because the CA_bundle or the Certificate Authority’s Certificate is not supported here but you don’t need it since most modern browsers nowadays don’t need one, the browsers will automatically fetch it for themselves.


Got it! Thanks!. I used free ssl certificate from zerossl since I cannot use or generate using Infinityfree ssl tool, I used it on my second account.

Why couldn’t you use our tool? If the tool is not working correctly for you, I would really love some actionable feedback so we can try to improve it.

I also split the topic. Let’s not hijack someone else’s SSL topic for all SSL related questions.



My problem is I couldn’t generate a key or get the key or copy the key cause it won’t show up on the text fields after I managed to fill up the text fields you know and clicked on Generate Key.

Yes, that’s why our SSL Certificates tool (the InfinityFree Free SSL Certificates tool, not the control panel SSL/TLS menu), generates the private key for you. Yes, the key generator in the control panel is bad, which is one of the reasons why we don’t use it.

The SSL/TLS menu is not “our SSL certificates tool”, and it doesn’t replace ZeroSSL. The client area tool does that part.


I managed to create one using the InfinityFree Free SSL Certificates tool. Thank you and my WordPress site health looks good now. And it’s only the private key and CSR? Is that normal? Thank you!

No, that is not normal. And that also isn’t our free SSL certificates tool. Our SSL certificates tool never shows you a CSR. The only place in our service where you’ll see a CSR is the SSL/TLS menu in the control panel. That menu is used to install SSL certificates, but you don’t need to generate a private key and CSR through the control panel, because the client area on app.infinityfree.net will generate it for you.


Could I send you a private message regarding the CSR?

I’ll send some screenshots.

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