Can somebody explain to me how to upload the ssl?

can somebody explain to me how to upload the ssl?
i get 3 files from i can open the private.key file fit notepad and paste into the wright box but how about the other 2 files how to open that ? ssl

You don’t need to upload those files.

Simply copy what’s inside in those certificate.crt and private.key

After copying, go to your Cpanel > SSL/TLS > Configure/Setup your selected domain then paste those copied texts in the text boxes.

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i cannot open .crt file with notepad. when i open the .crt file i can install the certificate on my internet browser, but i understand i need the code to paste into the ssl/tls box but how to get the code to paste ?

Download this Sublime, notepad cannot edit that kind of file extension. And try to open those file using Sublime app. Sublime is free.

thanks this program works good to open the crt file, i have one more question.
i copy the private.key code into the fild private key
the certificate.crt code i copy into certificate field and ca_bundle.crt code i copy into csr field and hit the upload button after that the csr field is empty why?

Good for you :heart: I have learned that the CSR is not necessary so it’s okay. The important is you have just successfully installed your Private Key and Certificate.

And if you have to redirect your HTTP websiteto HTTPS automatically when a visitors visit your website. Feel free to visit and read this how-to article Ways to use .htacess redirects. But if you are using Wordpress, just install a plugin called “Really Simple SSL” and enable the 301 redirect option that you can find from the Really simple SSL plugin.

thanks for your help my website is loading good now.

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You are welcome and just stay home!

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