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OK Maybe I am asking to much but I live in hope.
I have created the CSR in “Infinity Free” and have tried “Lets Encrypt” but after days of trying I was told that “Lets encrypt” cannot work that way. I then tried “Zero SSL” and that wont work because of “Infinity free” protection.
Could someone please explain a step by step, start to finish idots guide to aquiring ssl for a free site on “Infinity free”
Please don’t post “You could try” answers as I have spent a week “trying” and got knowhere.

you can try cloudflare :slight_smile: if you do, let me know to give you a step by step guide
which does not require CSR or private key or even touching c-penal.

I thank you and yes please send the Step by step guide

Check old posts.

Step 1:
Enable CloudFlare through Control Panel
Step 2:
Login to CloudFlare with the email and password you had on InfinityFree
Step 3:
Go to Crypto Section and select Full SSL
Step 4:
Wait for it to activate, it usually takes 1-24 hours.
You are done, you have a Free SSL installed and you don’t need to worry about anything.
Enjoy better ranking at Google and Better Security for your visitors!

Credits: @ChrisPAR
Source: How to get Free SSL certificate ? - #2 by ChrisPAR

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Hi I am getting this error when trying to enable Cloudflair
Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not
Am I righr in thinking my site is a subdomain
Thanks again for your help

Yes you’re right !
long ago I gave you an answer Where is my SSL/csr
you just have to read and follow this


So I gather that I cannot get a free ssl?

if you go and read my first post there (click me)

you’ll see the text “how to get a free domain” (that’s the way you get what you want)

also if you read the last post from admin there
you got the answer again

Ok Thank you for yiur help a patience

You can’t use Cloudflare with a subdomain.
Yes indeed you are right you’re using a subdomain.

Thank you for your help I have decided to close my Infinity account as the only reason I was going to them was for free SSL.

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