Where is my SSL/csr

on the page https://cpanel.epizy.com/panel/indexpl.php?option=sslconfigure&domain_name=finedons-past.epizy.com I have clicked on generate but I got nothing where is my ssl.csr. Ihave checked my email

URL : finedons-past.epizy.com

please read all in HTTPS and SSL section here https://infinityfree.net/support/

When using the private key/CSR generation form, please make sure to fill in ALL fields. If they don’t apply to you, simply enter “N/A” or something. But if not all fields are filled in the CSR generation will fail.

Thank you for your help I now have my private key and CSR I have tried some of the free ssl providers but cannot figure out wher to put the key and csr

Mostly many ssl providers provide description where to put the csr and the private key.

I asked “Letsencrypt” Support how to use my Private key and CSR and got the following reply

You may want to consider switching to a hosting provider that provides integrated support for Let’s Encrypt–there are lots of them out there. Let’s Encrypt does not provide a mechanism by which you can provide a CSR and get a cert. However, there are some third-party tools that do; see:

So thats a dead end.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to use Let’s Encrypt here on InfinityFree but it can increase the possibility if you have your own domain name used and you are using Cloudflare directly (not the vP integration).

I seem to be going round in circles first being recomended letsendrypt now being told I can’t. is there anywhere with a step by step idiots guide as to how can I get my ssl certificate using the private key and CSR provided by infinityfree?

You can get a free certificate with cloudflare

First of all, never share your private key. It’s called a private key for a reason. The CSR is derived from the private key, so SSL vendors can issue an SSL certificate matching your private key without ever having access to the private key.

Let’s Encrypt is an odd one, because they developed tools primarily intended for completely automatic installation. With iFastNet, Let’s Encrypt issuance and installation is fully automated, so you can get valid SSL without having to manage the certificates, keys and verification manually.

But any other SSL vendor should give you a box to enter the CSR, and give you an SSL certificate in exchange. But the exact instructions depend on the SSL vendor.

Thank you admin for that explination. I still need an idots guide

Hi where is my webroot Ineed to add these folders there

HTML based verification is not possible on free hosting, please see this article for more info: https://infinityfree.net/support/cannot-use-or-have-problems-using-lets-encrypt-or-sslforfreecom/

Finaly I get to the truth You cannot get free ssl for Infinityfree, I just won’t work. Follow the link https://infinityfree.net/support/cannot-use-or-have-problems-using-lets-encrypt-or-sslforfreecom and you finally get to the fact that you can get free SSL but only for 90 days. so I back searching for another free provider with free SSL.

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