How to get Free SSL certificate ?

@Rikhi55 said:
NOTE:- This is a helping guide for new people , admin is requested not to add reply to it…Thanks.
Go and Sign up to
add your domain name.
change the name servers of your domain by going to your domain registrar.(do not worry cloudflare’s step by step guide is easy to follow)
and most important be patient for up to 2 days untill the ssl certificate is active on your site,this is due to a thing called DNS propagation.
After this is done turn on force https:// redirection in the settings…
And you are done… :wink: :wink: :wink:
I recommend doing it just after registering your domain to for free hosting,then after you can upload your website data using FTP…
Enjoy your free SSL…

A Very Good Guide, let me post a similar one:
Step 1:
Enable CloudFlare through Control Panel
Step 2:
Login to CloudFlare with the email and password you had on InfinityFree
Step 3:
Go to Crypto Section and select Full SSL
Step 4:
Wait for it to activate, it usually takes 1-24 hours.
You are done, you have a Free SSL installed and you don’t need to worry about anything.
Enjoy better ranking at Google and Better Security for your visitors!