Sites on Hosting Volume vol1_2 down: 404 error and FTP/file manager down

And as a reminder to everyone: please follow the outage communication rules. Which includes not hijacking this topic with unrelated questions about other things, like cron jobs.

If you are affected by the issue, then both your website and FTP would have been dead.

I received a reply from iFastNet earlier today. What happened was that an error in a core database caused the home directories of some accounts on vol1_2 to be deleted. There were safeguards in place to help prevent this, but they were not sufficient.

The missing directories have been recreated, so your website can serve files again and FTP connectivity is restored.

That said, if you were affected by this, we’re sorry to say that all your website files have been deleted. They are gone and sadly cannot be recovered. Fortunately, all MySQL databases were unaffected, so you may be able to salvage your website contents that way.

This should not have happened, and measures have been taken to help ensure that this won’t happen again.