“It’s true that many people who don’t like the server don’t come here to talk about it. But there are also hundreds of thousands of people who use the service happily, so it can’t be all bad. And of those people, I can’t recall any time in the last three years where anyone has had any issues as severe as you experience now.”

Well, if one googles : infinity host slow loading
It seems there are a lot of people are having slow loading for various functions same as I am, I counted over 20. That would seem to indicate a problem on your end somewhere.

There are more people who complain about performance, but these are always complaints about the performance of their own site. And in many cases, these are very big and complex websites which stress the hosting servers and databases servers a lot for every page.

And I can confirm that many of these sites are (or were) actually slow. But you’re having trouble with the client area, forum, FTP, file manager and phpMyAdmin, which is very different.


I would not say I am the only one with a problem in these areas …
But just now I got this … no login possible then…
We’re is temporarily unavailable for maintenance. Please check back in a few minutes!

These folks all wrote about the same sport of problems : cpanel, ftp and phpadmin.

I would like to add a comment … so far about 20 chats back and forth with really nothing fixed… just a constant denial that there is a problem. One of my other hosts was advised of two small problems … and both issues in one email… next day was a reply back, problem fixed, day after, another reply second problem fixed now. And it was fixed.

The first topic is from two years ago, the second topic is from one year ago from another person for whom we were unable to confirm that it wasn’t a network problem on their end, and the third topic is an issue with a single feature of phpMyAdmin, not the phpMyAdmin interface as a whole. Of these people, I only agree that the second person topic you listed may suffer from similar issues as you did.

But you’re right, we’re not getting anywhere like this. However, I don’t agree with you about not being able to get anything done. We were able to fix the issue with the category page in the ecommerce software because of the PHP version issue, weren’t we?

With that problem solved, it’s time to move on to the next issue to tackle. Can you please describe a single, specific problem for me to tackle next?

And if you want to try to solve multiple issues at a time, that’s great too! Just please make sure to create separate topics for each of them, so it’s a bit easier to track their individual statuses.


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