website is very slow and can't connect to cpanel

hi, I just checked my website and it barely loads (sometimes I get time out error too), I tried to conect to the cpanel and it does not load, the browser keeps waiting for response. What is happening? Thank you!

Looks like your internet is dying, all I can answer on the information you’ve gave.

I don’t think is my side… could try it yourself please? It is … the cpanel I don’t know how can I prove it for you without giving my login details. Or what do I do to get more useful info? thanks.

Finally I can connect to the cpanel… and now the web site ( is not getting stuck, it is unusually slow, but usable I guess. An overloaded server? who knows.

@MrJunior, cool, what program/app are you using to get those stats? I guess those are the loading times on various attempts… the last one took more than 1.8s (the last green line on the right)? thank you again and sorry I’m a newbie diagnosing these problems.

or probably the lines are in reverse order and the bottom was the first attempt at 1.8s

then from your graph the loading times when using your internet are acceptable… :-S

It’s Google Chrome developer tools, Network tab…

As I can guess your JS scripts was loading up to 1.8s…

my ping to infinityfree looks good:

but my ping to is crap:

the problem with that side of the internet went away by itself:
Now the cpanel and my website ( are working normally from my side. Thanks for your support @MrJunior .

FYI: our main website is handled by Cloudflare, but the control panel is not. Since Cloudflare has a global network, the latency is low around the world. The control panel on the other hand is only available in the UK, so if you’re in another content, that would lead to increased latency.