Phpmyadmin slow

For the past two weeks Ive noticed that executing queries on phpmyadmin has been very slow to execute the page, but once the query does execute its as fast as one would expect: ‘6 total, Query took 0.0028 seconds.’

So you hit the submit button on a query, nothing appears to happen for a literal 6 seconds, then the query comes back and says it executed at a sub second timeframe.

No performance issues on my site or executing the queries in php.

I think ot is due the internet connection or the counter is glitched :confused:

It’s been happening for a while, I’ve used multiple PC’s with different internet connections. So I don’t believe it’s a connection issue.

I should also say it’s consistent, every single time it takes forever to execute. Oddly other page loads within phpmyadmin aren’t slow.

It seems like the app server that hosts phpmyadmin is getting pounded or something.

Hmm, this is very odd. Executing custom queries seems to be very slow, but just browsing or even running the exact same query through the Search panel instead of SQL panel is all working pretty snappy as usual.

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So your seeing what I’m seeing??

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